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2024-02-208 ways Woolworths and Coles squeeze their suppliers and their customersPaul, S
2024-02-13World Trade - Do We Need A Plan BPaul, S
2024-02-08Interview on ACTU’s inquiry into price gouging and unfair pricing practicesPaul, S
2024-02-07Supermarkets, airlines and power companies are charging ‘exploitative’ prices despite reaping record profitsPaul, S
2024-02-07The grocery costs are too darn highPaul, S
2024-02-06Fashioning a circular future for traditional and alternative leatherPaul, S
2024-01-24‘Turbulent times’: Supply chains struggling as local and global disruptions buildPaul, S
2024-01-23What's a watermelon worth? How supermarket inquiries could increase your grocery billPaul, S
2024-01-18The impacts of the DP World dispute on the shipping industry and supply chainPaul, S
2024-01-16Supermarkets warned on pricing as government threatens tougher actionPaul, S
2024-01-09Attacks on cargo ships in the Red Sea threaten Australia’s trade – we need a Plan BPaul, S
2024-01-09Interview on impacts of Red Sea shipping disruption on Australian tradePaul, S
2023-12-19Amid allegations of price gouging, it’s time for big supermarkets to come clean on how they price their productsPaul, S
2023-12Will the Chain Expo be continued next year? Analysis: The de-risking of foreign companies is irreversible, and the Chain Expo will become smaller and smallerPaul, S
2023-11Advancing Supply Chain Resilience: Mitigating Future DisruptionRahman, T; Paul, S
2023-11A Leagile Supply Chain Model for the Effective Mitigation of Sudden RisksRahman, T; Paul, S
2023-10When fears drive markets: understanding the impacts of panic buying on the supply chain economy and proposed solutionRahman, T; Paul, S
2023-10Don't panic: How to prepare for the next crisisPaul, S; Agarwal, R
2023-10Preparing for the next crisisPaul, S; Agarwal, R