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2022-11Adopting net-zero in emerging economiesVirmani, N; Agarwal, S; Raut, RD; Paul, SK; Mahmood, H
2022-10Modeling a sustainable vaccine supply chain for a healthcare systemChowdhury, NR; Ahmed, M; Mahmud, P; Paul, SK; Liza, SA
2022-10Sustainable practices and their antecedents in the apparel industry: A reviewChowdhury, NR; Chowdhury, P; Paul, SK
2022-10Managing panic buying-related instabilities in supply chains: A COVID-19 pandemic perspectiveRahman, T; Paul, SK; Shukla, N; Agarwal, R; Taghikhah, F
2022-09Circular economy principles in community energy initiatives through stakeholder perspectivesMishra, R; Naik, BKR; Raut, RD; Paul, SK
2022-09Operational challenges during a pandemic: an investigation in the electronics industryPaul, SK; Chowdhury, P; Chowdhury, MT; Chakrabortty, RK; Moktadir, MA
2022-08Supply chain resilience initiatives and strategies: A systematic reviewRahman, T; Paul, SK; Shukla, N; Agarwal, R; Taghikhah, F
2022-08A combined approach for modeling multi-echelon multi-period decentralized supply chainHaque, M; Paul, SK; Sarker, R; Essam, D
2022-08A novel methodology for perception-based portfolio managementPritam, KS; Mathur, T; Agarwal, S; Paul, SK; Mulla, A
2022-06Multi-objective robust-stochastic optimisation of relief goods distribution under uncertainty: a real-life case studyMahtab, Z; Azeem, A; Ali, SM; Paul, SK; Fathollahi-Fard, AM
2022-06Examining risks and strategies for the spice processing supply chain in the context of an emerging economySilva, USKD; Paul, A; Hasan, KW; Paul, SK; Ali, SM; Chakrabortty, RK
2022-05-19Guest editorial on Green recovery through sustainable supply chains: implications for Asian nationsPaul, SK; Jabbour, CJC
2022-05-01Modelling the Drivers of Solar Energy Development in an Emerging Economy: Implications for Sustainable Development GoalsAnam, MZ; Bari, ABMM; Paul, SK; Mithun ali, S; Kabir, G
2022-05Sustainable Assessment in Supply Chain and Infrastructure ManagementKabir, G; Paul, SK; Ali, SM
2022-05A hybrid multi-criteria decision-making approach for analyzing operational hazards in Heavy Fuel Oil-based power plantsBari, ABMM; Siraj, MT; Paul, SK; Khan, SA
2022-05A framework for digital supply chains in the era of circular economy: Implications on environmental sustainabilityDwivedi, A; Paul, SK
2022-05Supply chain viability in the context of COVID-19 pandemic in small and medium-sized enterprises: implications for sustainable development goalsNasir, SB; Ahmed, T; Karmaker, CL; Ali, SM; Paul, SK; Majumdar, A
2022-05Key performance indicators for a sustainable recovery strategy in health-care supply chains: COVID-19 pandemic perspectiveRahman, T; Moktadir, MA; Paul, SK
2022-05Integrated Model for Soft Drink Industry Supply Chain Risk Assessment: Implications for Sustainability in Emerging EconomiesRaihan, AS; Ali, SM; Roy, S; Das, M; Kabir, G; Paul, SK
2022-05Enablers for resilience and pandemic preparedness in food supply chainKumar, M; Raut, RD; Sharma, M; Choubey, VK; Paul, SK