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24-Jan-2017Use and outcomes of targeted therapies in early and metastatic HER2–positive breast cancer in Australia: Protocol detailing observations in a whole of population cohortDaniels, B; Lord, S; Kiely, B; Houssami, N; Lu, C; Ward, R; Haywood, P; Pearson, S
2015Increasing the understanding and use of natural archives of ecosystem services, resilience and thresholds to improve policy, science and practicePearson, S; Lynch, AJJ; Plant, RA; Cork, S; Taffs, K; Dodson, J; Maynard, S; Gergis, J; Gell, P; Thackway, R; Sealie, L; Donaldson, J
2014Rates of chemotherapy adverse event in clinical practice: results from a prospective cohort studyPearce, AM; Haas, M; Viney, R; Pearson, S; Haywood, P; Ward, R
Nov-2013Resource utilization, costs, and quality of end-of-life cancer care: A systematic review of retrospective cohort studies based on routinely collected data (1990-2011).Blanch, B; Drew, A; Haas, M; Ingham, JM; Pearson, S
Jan-2013High risk prescribing in older adults: Prevalence, clinical and economic implications and potential for intervention at the population levelGnjidic, D; Le Couteur, DG; Pearson, S; McLachlan, A; Viney, RC; Hilmer, SN; Blyth, FM; Joshy, G; Banks, E
Jan-2012Title:Chemotherapy administration: modelling the costs of alternative protocols..Haywood, P; de Raad, J; Van Gool, K; Haas, MR; Gallego, G; Pearson, S; Faedo, M; Ward, RL
Jan-2010Nursing takes time: Workload associated with administering cancer protocolsde Raad, J; Van Gool, K; Haas, MR; Haywood, P; Faedo, M; Gallego, G; Pearson, S; Ward, R
Jan-2007Recommendations of the 2007 Healthy Lifestyle Forum to Help Combat Childhood ObesityBaur, L; Bonfiglioli, C; Caterson, ID; Colagiuri, R; Cretikos, M; Leeder, S; Murray, K; Pearson, S; Sim, K; Torode, M; Wake, M; Wittert, G
Jan-2006Prolonged effects of a home-based intervention in patients with chronic illnessPearson, S; Inglis, S; McLennan, S; Brennan, L; Russell, M; Wilkinson, D; Thompson, D; Stewart, S
Jan-2006Extending the horizon in chronic heart failure: effects of multidisciplinary, home-based intervention relative to usual careInglis, S; Pearson, S; Treen, S; Gallasch, T; Horowitz, JD; Stewart, S