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2022The Medicines Intelligence Centre of Research Excellence: Co-creating real-world evidence to support the evidentiary needs of Australian medicines regulators and payers.Pratt, N; Camacho, X; Vajdic, C; Degenhardt, L; Laba, T-L; Hillen, J; Etherton-Beer, C; Preen, D; Jorm, L; Donnolley, N; Havard, A; Pearson, S-A
2021-12-18Generating Real-World Evidence on the Quality Use, Benefits and Safety of Medicines in Australia: History, Challenges and a Roadmap for the Future.Pearson, S-A; Pratt, N; de Oliveira Costa, J; Zoega, H; Laba, T-L; Etherton-Beer, C; Sanfilippo, FM; Morgan, A; Kalisch Ellett, L; Bruno, C; Kelty, E; IJzerman, M; Preen, DB; Vajdic, CM; Henry, D
2021-12-01Rates of Low-Value Service in Australian Public Hospitals and the Association With Patient Insurance Oliveira Costa, J; Pearson, S-A; Elshaug, AG; van Gool, K; Jorm, LR; Falster, MO
2021-09-011437Rates of low value care in NSW public hospitals: variation between public and private inpatientsCosta, JDO; Pearson, S-A; Elshaug, A; Gool, KV; Jorm, L; Falster, M
2021-03Patterns of opioid use in older people diagnosed with cancer in New South Wales, Australia.Tervonen, HE; Schaffer, AL; Luckett, T; Phillips, J; Litchfield, M; Todd, A; Pearson, S-A
2021-02Patterns of oxycodone controlled release use in older people with cancer following public subsidy of oxycodone/naloxone formulations: An Australian population-based study.Daniels, B; Luckett, T; Holliday, S; Liauw, W; Lovell, M; Phillips, J; Rowett, D; John, TN; Tervonen, H; Pearson, S-A
2020-02-17Risk of opioid misuse in people with cancer and pain and related clinical considerations: a qualitative study of the perspectives of Australian general practitioners.Luckett, T; Newton-John, T; Phillips, J; Holliday, S; Giannitrapani, K; Powell-Davies, G; Lovell, M; Liauw, W; Rowett, D; Pearson, S-A; Raymond, B; Heneka, N; Lorenz, K