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26-Jun-2017Fish, phone cards and semiotic assemblages in two Bangladeshi shops in Sydney and TokyoPennycook, AD; Otsuji, E
16-Feb-2017Swimming with Sharks, Ecological Feminism and Posthuman Language PoliticsAppleby, R; Pennycook, AD
Sep-2016Lingoing, language labels and metrolingual practicesPennycook, AD; Otsuji, E
30-Jun-2016Mobile times, mobile terms: The trans-super-poly-metro movementPennycook, AD; Coupland, N
23-May-2016Politics, power relationships and ELTPennycook, AD; Hall, G
2016Power, Politics and Critical Approaches to ELTPennycook, AD
11-Dec-2015Making scents of the landscapePennycook, AD; Otsuji, E
18-Feb-2015Early Literacies and Linguistic MobilitiesPennycook, AD; Stroud,, C
2015Transglossic language practices of young adults in Bangladesh and MongoliaSultana, S; Dovchin, S; Pennycook, AD
Jan-2014Metrolingual multitasking and spatial repertoires: 'Pizza mo two minutes coming'Pennycook, AD; Otsuji, E
Jan-2014Unremarkable Hybridities and Metrolingual PracticesOtsuji, E; Pennycook, AD; Rubdy, R; Alsagoff, L
2014Principled polycentrism and resourceful speakersPennycook, AD
Jan-2013Language policies, language ideologies and local language practicesPennycook, AD; Wee, L; Goh, RBH; Lim, L
Jan-2013Styling the periphery: Linguistic and cultural takeup in Bangladesh and MongoliaSultana, S; Dovchin, S; Pennycook, AD
Jan-2012Lingua Francas as Language IdeologiesPennycook, AD; Kirkpatrick, A; Sussex, R
Jan-2012Disinventing multilingualism: from monological multilingualism to multilingua francasMakoni, S; Pennycook, AD; Martin-Jones, M; Blackledge, A; Creese, A
Jan-2012The Performative Fixing and Unfixing of SubjectivitiesHarissi, M; Otsuji, E; Pennycook, AD
Jan-2012Could Heracles Have Gone About Things Differently?Pennycook, AD; Pauline Bunce
Jan-2012Language and Mobility: Unexpected PlacesPennycook, AD
Jan-2011Global EnglishesPennycook, AD; Wodak, R; Johnstone, B; Kerswill, P