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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Industrial Disputes during the Rudd-Gillard Era: Comparative Perspectives and RealitiesPerry, LJ
Jan-2009The work of the casual academic teacher: A case studyDavis, D; Connor, RW; Perry, LJ; Perrott, B; Topple, SJ
Jan-2009Rise and decline in work stoppage statisticsPerry, LJ
Jan-2008A comparison of labour market reforms in Ireland, New Zealand and AustraliaPerry, LJ
Jan-2007Neoliberal Workplace Reforms in the Antipodes: What Impact on Union Power and Influence?Perry, LJ
Jan-2007Views from the Front Line: Insights Into the Role and Commitment of casual Business AcademicsDavis, D; Connor, RW; Perrott, B; Perry, LJ; Topple, SJ; NA
Jan-2007Ignoring the Evidence: Comments on the Debate on Antipodean Neoliberal Workplace Reform and Labour ProductivityPerry, LJ
Jan-2007Convergence of Work Stoppages: A Global PerspectivePerry, LJ; Wilson, PJ
Jan-2007Long-Term Trends in USA Stoppages - An Unobserved Components ApproachPerry, LJ; Wilson, PJ
Dec-2006Do workplace contracts harm labour productivity growth? A reconsideration of the macroeconomic evidence from New ZealandPerry, LJ
Jan-2006Lockouts and strikes: some comments of the experience of India and AustraliaPerry, LJ
Jan-2006Labour market reforms and lockouts in New ZealandPerry, LJ
Jan-2006New Zealand lessons for Australian workplace reform: a critique of 151 academicsPerry, LJ
Jan-2006Industrial disputes in the construction sectorPerry, LJ
Jan-2006Productivity and industrial disputes: a note on the Cole Royal CommissionPerry, LJ
Jan-2006Neo-liberal labor market reforms and work stoppages: Comparisons of India, Indonesia, the United States and AustraliaPerry, LJ
Jan-2005The decline of seasonality in Australian quarterly aggregate strike statistics: 1983-2003Perry, LJ; Wilson, PJ
Jan-2005Industrial disputes in Indonesia: a reassessmentPerry, LJ
Jan-2005The return of the lockoutPerry, LJ
Jan-2005A long-term perspective on industrial disputes in Australia: 1913-2003Perry, LJ