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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019A simulated annealing‐based maximum‐margin clustering algorithmSeifollahi, S; Bagirov, A; Zare Borzeshi, E; Piccardi, M
15-Dec-2018Cluster Labeling by Word Embeddings and WordNet’s HypernymyPoostchi, H; Piccardi, M
1-Nov-2018Analysis of healthcare service utilization after transport-related injuries by a mixture of hidden Markov modelsEsmaili, N; Piccardi, M; Kruger, B; Girosi, F
20-Jul-2018A Shared Attention Mechanism for Interpretation of Neural Automatic Post-Editing SystemsJauregi Unanue, I; Zare Borzeshi, E; Piccardi, M
1-Jun-2018Minimum-risk temporal alignment of videosWang, Z; Piccardi, M
15-May-2018The use of privacy-protected computer vision to measure the quality of healthcare worker hand hygiene.Awwad, S; Tarvade, S; Piccardi, M; Gattas, DJ
12-May-2018English-Basque Statistical and Neural Machine TranslationJauregi Unanue, I; Garmendia Arratibel, L; Zare Borzeshi, E; Piccardi, M
12-May-2018BiLSTM-CRF for Persian Named-Entity Recognition ArmanPersoNERCorpus: the First Entity-Annotated Persian DatasetPoostchi, H; Zare Borzeshi, E; Piccardi, M
28-Dec-2017Minimum-Risk Structured Learning of Video SummarizationHussein, F; Piccardi, M
16-Oct-2017Dissimilarity-based action recognition with the pair hidden Markov support vector machineWang, Z; Piccardi, M
1-Apr-2017V-JAUNE: A framework for joint action recognition and video summarizationHussein, F; Piccardi, M
3-Jan-2017Local depth patterns for fine-grained activity recognition in depth videosAwwad, S; Piccardi, M
11-Dec-2016Bidirectional LSTM-CRF for Clinical Concept ExtractionChalapathy, R; Zare Borzeshi, E; Piccardi, M
5-Nov-2016An Investigation of Recurrent Neural Architectures for Drug Name RecognitionChalapathy, R; Zare Borzeshi, E; Piccardi, M
1-Jan-2016Sequential labeling with structural SVM under an average precision lossZhang, G; Piccardi, M
1-Jan-2016Inertial sensor based post fall analysis for false alarming reductionYe, L; Cao, K; Guo, J; Huang, X; Beadle, P; Argha, A; Piccardi, M; Zhang, G; Su, SW
1-Jan-2014A non-parametric conditional factor regression model for multi-dimensional input and responseBargi, A; Da Xu, RY; Ghahramani, Z; Piccardi, M
1-Jan-2014Special issue on background modeling for foreground detection in real-world dynamic scenesBouwmans, T; Gonzàlez, J; Shan, C; Piccardi, M; Davis, L
1-Jan-2014Training initialization of hidden markov models in human action recognitionMoghaddam, Z; Piccardi, M
1-Dec-2013Towards simultaneous place classification and object detection based on conditional random field with multiple cuesShi, L; Kodagoda, S; Piccardi, M