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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12-02A REINFORCEd Variational Autoencoder Topic ModelKumar, A; Esmaili, N; Piccardi, M
2021-10-15NeuSub: A Neural Submodular Approach for Citation RecommendationKieu, BT; Unanue, IJ; Pham, SB; Phan, HX; Piccardi, M
2021-07Machine learning applications to neuroimaging for glioma detection and classification: An artificial intelligence augmented systematic review.Buchlak, QD; Esmaili, N; Leveque, J-C; Bennett, C; Farrokhi, F; Piccardi, M
2021-05An Embedding-Based Topic Model for Document ClassificationSeifollahi, S; Piccardi, M; Jolfaei, A
2021-01-10Learning Neural Textual Representations for Citation RecommendationKieu, TB; Jauregi Unanue, I; Pham, SB; Phan, HX; Piccardi, M
2021-01-01Topic-Document Inference with the Gumbel-Softmax DistributionKumar, A; Esmaili, N; Piccardi, M
2021-01-01Improving Adversarial Text Generation with n-Gram MatchingLi, S; Piccardi, M
2021-01Multichannel mixture models for time-series analysis and classification of engagement with multiple health services: An application to psychology and physiotherapy utilization patterns after traffic accidents.Esmaili, N; Buchlak, QD; Piccardi, M; Kruger, B; Girosi, F
2021BERTTune: Fine-Tuning Neural Machine Translation with BERTScoreJauregi Unanue, I; Parnell, J; Piccardi, M
2021RewardsOfSum: Exploring Reinforcement Learning Rewards for SummarisationParnell, J; Jauregi Unanue, I; Piccardi, M
2020-12-15Controlled Text Generation with Adversarial LearningBetti, F; Ramponi, G; Piccardi, M
2020-12-08Leveraging Discourse Rewards for Document-Level Neural Machine TranslationJauregi Unanue, I; Esmaili, N; Haffari, G; Piccardi, M
2020-11-19Findings of the WMT 2020 Biomedical Translation Shared Task: Basque, Italian and Russian as New Additional LanguagesBawden, R; Di Nunzio, GM; Grozea, C; Jauregi Unanue, I; Jimeno Yepes, A; Piccardi, M; et al,
2020-11-19Pretrained Language Models and Backtranslation for English-Basque Biomedical Neural Machine TranslationJauregi Unanue, I; Piccardi, M
2020-11Ethical thinking machines in surgery and the requirement for clinical leadership.Buchlak, QD; Esmaili, N; Leveque, J-C; Bennett, C; Piccardi, M; Farrokhi, F
2020-01-01A Submodular Approach for Reference RecommendationKieu, TB; Pham, SB; Phan, XH; Piccardi, M
2020Machine learning applications to clinical decision support in neurosurgery: an artificial intelligence augmented systematic reviewBuchlak, QD; Esmaili, N; Leveque, JC; Farrokhi, F; Bennett, C; Piccardi, M; Sethi, RK
2020BiLSTM-SSVM: Training the BiLSTM with a Structured Hinge Loss for Named-Entity RecognitionPoostchi, H; Piccardi, M
2019-12-06A multi-constraint structured hinge loss for named-entity recognitionPoostchimohammadabadi, H; Piccardi, M
2019-12Well-M³N: A Maximum-Margin Approach to Unsupervised Structured PredictionAbidi, S; Piccardi, M; Tsang, WH; Williams, M-A