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2023-09-15Physically-based simulation of elastic-plastic fusion of 3D bioprinted spheroids.Bahrami, H; Sichetti, F; Puppo, E; Vettori, L; Liu Chung Ming, C; Perry, S; Gentile, C; Pietroni, N
2023-07-10A Neural Network-based Low-cost Soft Sensor for Touch Recognition and Deformation CaptureFan, Y; Pietroni, N; Ferguson, S
2023-06-01Reducing the number of different nodes in space frame structures through clustering and optimizationLiu, Y; Lee, TU; Koronaki, A; Pietroni, N; Xie, YM
2023-04-30Hex-Mesh Generation and Processing: A SurveyPietroni, N; Campen, M; Sheffer, A; Cherchi, G; Bommes, D; Gao, X; Scateni, R; Ledoux, F; Remacle, J; Livesu, M
2023Reflections on light: Developing new methods for producing anamorphic sculpturePratt, L; Johnston, A; Pietroni, N
2022-12-06A Course on Hex-Mesh Generation and ProcessingPietroni, N; Campen, M; Sheffer, A; Cherchi, G; Bommes, D; Gao, X; Scateni, R; Ledoux, F; Remacle, J-F; Livesu, M
2022-11-30SkinMixer: Blending 3D Animated ModelsNuvoli, S; Pietroni, N; Cignoni, P; Scateni, R; Tarini, M
2022-09-01State of the Art in Computational Mould DesignAlderighi, T; Malomo, L; Auzinger, T; Bickel, B; Cignoni, P; Pietroni, N
2022-07-01Computational pattern making from 3D garment modelsPietroni, N; Dumery, C; Falque, R; Liu, M; Vidal-Calleja, T; Sorkine-Hornung, O
2022-06-01Design And Construction Of a Bending-Active Plywood Structure: The Flexmaps PavilionLaccone, F; Malomo, L; Callieri, M; Alderighi, T; Muntoni, A; Ponchio, F; Pietroni, N; Cignoni, P
2021-12-01Volume decomposition for two-piece rigid castingAlderighi, T; Malomo, L; Bickel, B; Cignoni, P; Pietroni, N
2021-12Integrated computational framework for the design and fabrication of bending-active structures made from flat sheet materialLaccone, F; Malomo, L; Pietroni, N; Cignoni, P; Schork, T
2021-07-01Reliable feature-line driven quad-remeshingPietroni, N; Nuvoli, S; Alderighi, T; Cignoni, P; Tarini, M
2021-05-01Automatic Surface Segmentation for Seamless Fabrication using 4-axis Milling MachinesNuvoli, S; Tola, A; Muntoni, A; Pietroni, N; Gobetti, E; Scateni, R
2020-09-04September 2020 DOI: 10.7480/cgc.7.4496 Conference: Challenging Glass 7 Conference on Architectural and Structural Applications of GlassAt: Ghent University Authors: Francesco Laccone at Italian National Research Council Francesco Laccone Italian National Research Council Luigi Malomo at Italian National Research Council Luigi Malomo Italian National Research Council Nico Pietroni at Italian National Research Council Nico Pietroni Italian National Research Council Maurizio Froli at Università di Pisa Maurizio Froli Università di Pisa Show all 5 authorsPietroni, N; Laccone, F; Paolo, C; Maurizio, F; Malomo, L
2020-09-01Reinforcement of General Shell StructuresGil-Ureta, F; Pietroni, N; Zorin, D
2020-09A bending-active twisted-arch plywood structure: computational design and fabrication of the FlexMaps PavilionLaccone, F; Malomo, L; Pérez, J; Pietroni, N; Ponchio, F; Bickel, B; Cignoni, P
2020-08-01Suckers emission detection and volume estimation for the precision farming of hazelnut orchardsPotena, C; Carpio, RF; Pietroni, N; Maiolini, J; Ulivi, G; Garone, E; Gasparri, A
2020-08Foreword to the Special Section on Shape Modeling International 2020.Bommes, D; Pietroni, N; Hu, R
2020-07-08LoopyCuts: Practical Feature-Preserving Block Decomposition for Strongly Hex-Dominant MeshingLivesu, M; Pietroni, N; Puppo, E; Sheffer, A; Cignoni, P