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2021-12-25Learning at Sea: Education Aboard the 1926–27 Floating UniversityPietsch, T; Liebich, S; Publicover, L
2021-10-01The Careers of Humanities Students in Interwar AustraliaPietsch, T; Kemmis, G
2021Women's international thought and the new professions, 1900-1940Huber, V; Pietsch, T; Rietzler, K
2020-01-01A history of university income in the United Kingdom and Australia, 1922–2017Pietsch, T
2019-01-01Commercial travel and college culture: The 1920s transatlantic student market and the Foundations of Mass TourismPietsch, T
2019Transformations to Higher EducationPietsch, T
2016-01-02Afterword: What was Britain? Where is its history?Pietsch, T
2016-01-01Universities, war and the professionalization of dentistryPietsch, T
2016-01-01Universities, expertise and the First World WarHorne, J; Pietsch, T
2016Between the local and the universal: Academic worlds and the long history of the universityPietsch, T; Chou, M-H; Kamola, I; Pietsch, T
2015-01-01Empire of scholars: Universities, networks and the British academic world, 1850-1939Pietsch, T
2014Imperium et Libertas: G.C. Henderson and ‘Colonial Historical ResearchPietsch, T; Prest, W
2013-04-01Rethinking the british worldPietsch, T
2013‘‘They do not go as strangers’: Academic connections between Australia and Britain, 1880-1939Pietsch, T
2013Out of Empire: The Universities’ Bureau and the Congresses of the Universities of the British Empire, 1913-1939Pietsch, T; Schreuder, D
2012-09-01Geographies of Nineteenth-Century SciencePietsch, T
2012'Mending a broken world': The Universities and the Nation, 1918-36Pietsch, T; Beers, L; Thomas, G
2011-11-01Many rhodes: Travelling scholarships and imperial citizenship in the british academic world, 1880-1940Pietsch, T
2011Between the Nation and the World: J.T. Wilson and scientific networks in the early twentieth centuryPietsch, T; Bennett, B; Hodge, J