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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2017An initial understanding of how game users explore virtual environmentsSi, C; Pisan, Y; Tan, CT; Shen, S
1-Feb-2016Understanding players' map exploration stylesSi, C; Pisan, Y; Tan, CT
13-Nov-2015Evaluating the effects of competition vs collaboration on user engagement in an immersive game using natural interactionBrondi, R; Avveduto, G; Alem, L; Faita, C; Carrozzino, M; Tecchia, F; Pisan, Y; Bergamasco, M
2-Dec-2014Inferring player experiences using facial expressions analysisTan, CT; Bakkes, S; Pisan, Y
2-Dec-2014A scouting strategy for real-time strategy gamesSi, C; Pisan, Y; Tan, CT
1-Jan-2014Step Kinection: A hybrid clinical test for fall risk assessment in older adultsGarcia, JA; Tan, CT; Pisan, Y; Navarro, KF
1-Jan-2014Assessing the kinect’s capabilities to perform a time-based clinical test for fall risk assessment in older peopleGarcia, JA; Pisan, Y; Tan, CT; Navarro, KF
Jan-2014Aussie women game developersTaylor, DM; Pisan, Y; Mateas, M
Jan-2014Automated terrain analysis in real-time strategy gamesSi, C; Pisan, Y; Tan, C; Mateas, M
Jan-2014A game to crowdsource data for affective computingTan, C; Sapkota, H; Rosser, DJ; Pisan, Y; Mateas, M
Jan-2014Initial perceptions of a casual game to crowdsource facial expressions in the wildTan, C; Sapkota, H; Rosser, DJ; Pisan, Y; Mateas, M
2014Correlation between Facial Expressions and the Game Experience QuestionnaireTan, CT; Bakkes, S; Pisan, Y
2014Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2014 - 13th International Conference, ICEC 2014, Sydney, Australia, October 1-3, 2014. ProceedingsPisan, Y; Sgouros, NM; Marsh, T
30-Oct-2013Improving lives: Using microsoft kinect to predict the loss of balance for elderly users under cognitive loadPisan, Y; Marin, JG; Navarro, KF
1-Jan-2013Initial perceptions of a touch-based tablet handwriting serious gameTan, CT; Huang, J; Pisan, Y
5-Nov-2012Persuasive environments: Argumentation models in serious gamesPisan, Y; Tan, CT
5-Nov-2012SimEnv: Understanding and supporting the creation of outcome-driven simulationsPisan, Y; Tan, CT
5-Nov-2012Use of student-designed authorware for e-mediated science and technology learningPisan, Y; Tan, CT
29-Aug-2012Personalised gaming: A motivation and overview of literatureBakkes, S; Tan, CT; Pisan, Y
29-Aug-2012A feasibility study in using facial expressions analysis to evaluate player experiencesTan, CT; Rosser, D; Bakkes, S; Pisan, Y