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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The Contribution of Project Management and Change Management to Project SuccessPollack, JB; Algeo, C
2015Is There a Divide Between Change Management Theory and Practice?Pollack, JB
2015On the Scarcity of Research into the Information Roles Individuals Take in OrganizationsPollack, JB
2015Should project management aspire to be an archetypal profession: evidence from Australian-based researchPollack, JB; Algeo, C
2015The relationship between project management and small to medium enterprise profitabilityPollack, JB; Adler, D
2015Understanding the divide between the theory and practice of organisational changePollack, JB
2014-01Requisite Variety and Decision Making in Complex ProjectsRemington, K; Pollack, JB; Lundin, R; Hallgren, M
2014-01The Contribution of Project and Change Managers to Different Project ActivitiesPollack, JB; Algeo, CT; PMI
2014-01The Impact of Project Management on SME ProductivityPollack, JB; Adler, D; PMI
2014A comparison of Project Manager and Change Manager involvement in organisational change project activities and stagesPollack, JB; Algeo, C
2013-01Actor-Network Theory, Activity Theory and Action Research and their application in project management researchEr, M; Pollack, JB; Sankaran, S; Drouin, N; Muller, R; Sankaran, S
2013-01Pluralist Project Research: Drawing on Critical Systems Thinking to Manage Research Across ParadigmsPollack, JB; Drouin, N; Muller, R; Sankaran, S
2013-01Who reports to whom? Perspectives on the reporting relationship between Project and Change ManagersPollack, JB; Algeo, CT; -
2009-01Developing a basis for global reciprocity: Negotiating between the many standards for Project ManagementCrawford, L; Pollack, JB; Kelley, G
2008-01Complex Projects: What are they and how can we manage them more effectively?Remington, K; Pollack, JB; Milner, S; Whitty, J; Darby, R; Tucker, R
2007-01How Generic are Project Management Knowledge and PracticeCrawford, L; Pollack, JB
2007-01How Standard are Standards: An Examination of Language Emphasis in Project Management StandardsCrawford, L; Pollack, JB; England, D
2006-01Complex Infrastructure Projects: A systemic model for managementRemington, K; Pollack, JB; Attwater, R; Merson, J
2006-01Uncovering the Trends in Project Management; Journal Emphases over the last 10 YearsCrawford, L; Pollack, JB; England, D
2005-01Hard and soft projects in the NSW public sectorCrawford, L; Pollack, JB; Costello, KL; Richardson, K; Gregory, W; Midgley, G