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2024-05-08Comparative pharmacokinetic evaluation of nanoparticle-based vs. conventional pharmaceuticals containing statins in attenuating dyslipidaemia.Cordina, J; Ahmad, I; Nath, R; Abdul Rahim, B; Van, A; Al-Zuhairi, D; Williams, K; Pont, L; Catanzariti, R; Mehndiratta, S; Valdivia-Olivares, RY; De Rubis, G; Dua, K
2024-04Decoding epilepsy treatment: A comparative evaluation contrasting cannabidiol pharmacokinetics in adult and paediatric populationsOsman, M; Khalil, J; El-Bahri, M; Swalah Mcdahrou, J; Fahda, R; Mustafa, R; Ooi, A; Attayee, M; Catanzariti, R; Pont, L; Williams, K; Yeung, S; Dua, K; De Rubis, G; Loebenberg, R
2024-04Investigation of smoking on the antiplatelet response to clopidogrel: Unravelling the Smoker’s Paradox.Plakogiannis, FA; Weidmann, J; Fraser, B; Kwong, J; Asi, D; Kumar, P; Baldock, M; Naamo, J; Baluja, R; Catanzariti, R; Yeung, S; Pont, L; Williams, K; De Rubis, G; Dua, K; Bukhari, NI
2023-09-01Biosimilars approvals by thirteen regulatory authorities: A cross-national comparison.Machado, FLDS; Cañás, M; Doubova, SV; Urtasun, MA; Marín, GH; Osorio-de-Castro, CGS; Albuquerque, FC; Ribeiro, TB; Pont, L; Crisóstomo Landeros, J; Roldán Saelzer, J; Sepúlveda Viveros, D; Acosta, A; Machado Beltrán, MA; Gordillo Alas, LI; Orellana Tablas, LA; Benko, R; Convertino, I; Bonaso, M; Tuccori, M; Kirchmayer, U; Contreras Sánchez, SE; Rodríguez-Tanta, LY; Gutierrez Aures, Y; Lin, B; Alipour-Haris, G; Eworuke, E; Lopes, LC
2023-01-11A comparative evaluation of propranolol pharmacokinetics in obese versus ideal weight individuals: A blueprint towards a personalised medicine.Mortlock, R; Smith, V; Nesci, I; Bertoldi, A; Ho, A; El Mekkawi, Z; Kakuzada, L; Williams, K; Pont, L; De Rubis, G; Dua, K
2022-02-02A systematic literature review and meta-analysis of community pharmacist-led interventions to optimise the use of antibiotics.Lambert, M; Smit, CCH; De Vos, S; Benko, R; Llor, C; Paget, WJ; Briant, K; Pont, L; Van Dijk, L; Taxis, K
2021-10-01Key concepts in medication management in older persons for pharmacists practicing in non-geriatric specialtiesGodbole, G; Bolitho, R; Pont, L
2021-08Attitudes to Drug Use in Residential Aged Care Facilities: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Nurses and Care Staff.Lo, SY; Reeve, E; Page, AT; Zaidi, STR; Hilmer, SN; Etherton-Beer, C; McLachlan, A; Pont, L; Naganathan, V
2021-06-24A systematic literature review of community pharmacist-led interventions to optimize the use of antibioticsLambert, M; Smit, C; Vos, SD; Benko, R; Llor, C; Paget, J; Briant, K; Pont, L; Dijk, LV; Taxis, K
2021-06-23Current practice in cancer pharmacotherapyPont, L; Dua, K; Cutler, RL; Benson, H; Haghi, M; Cardenas, VG; Smit, CCH; Ao, A; Williams, KA
2021-01-01Attitudes, barriers and facilitators of hospital pharmacists conducting practice-based research: a systematic reviewReali, S; Lee, T; Bishop, J; Mirkov, S; Johnson, J; McCourt, E; Hughes, J; Pont, L; Page, AT; Penm, J
2020-08-29The General Practice and Residential Aged Care Facility Concordance of Medication (GRACEMED) study.Makeham, M; Pont, L; Verdult, C; Hardie, R-A; Raban, MZ; Mitchell, R; Purdy, H; Teichert, M; Ingersoll, A; Westbrook, JI
2020-08-17Drug Delivery of Respiratory Medicines in PracticePont, L; Dua, K; Williams, K; Dua, K
2020-08-17Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the advanced drug delivery systemsZeeshan, F; Dua, K; Dua, K; Hansbro, P; Wadhwa, R; Haghi, M; Pont, L; Williams, K
2020-08-17Plant-based drug delivery systems in respiratory diseasesMehta, M; Sharma, P; Kaur, S; Dhanjal, DS; Singh, B; Vyas, M; Gupta, G; Chellappan, DK; Nammi, S; Singh, TG; Dua, K; Satija, S; Dua, K; Hansbro, P; Wadhwa, R; Haghi, M; Pont, L; Williams, K
2019-12-01The International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology's Comments on the Core Recommendations in the Summary of the Heads of Medicines Agencies (HMA) - EMA Joint Big Data Task ForcePottegård, A; Klungel, O; Winterstein, A; Huybrechts, K; Hallas, J; Schneeweiss, S; Evans, S; Bate, A; Pont, L; Trifirò, G; Smith, M; Bourke, A
2018-02-01Safety and Effectiveness of Palliative Drug Treatment in the Last Days of Life—A Systematic Literature ReviewJansen, K; Haugen, DF; Pont, L; Ruths, S
2017-09Nurse practitioner prescribing in Australia: A comprehensive literature review.Fong, J; Buckley, T; Cashin, A; Pont, L
2017-01Challenges in the Management of Hypertension in Older Populations.Pont, L; Alhawassi, T; Islam, MS
2016-12Effect of humour therapy on psychotropic medication use in nursing homes.Leow, JB; Pont, L; Low, L-F