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2023-03-23Speech-Language Pathologists' Views of Using Virtual Reality for Managing Cognitive-Communication Disorders Following Traumatic Brain Injury.Brassel, S; Brunner, M; Power, E; Campbell, A; Togher, L
2023-03-23"Communication Is Not Exactly My Field, but It Is Still My Area of Work": Staff and Managers' Experiences of Communication With People With Traumatic Brain Injury.Christensen, I; Power, E; Togher, L; Norup, A
2023-01-16Self-Perception of Cognitive-Communication Functions After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.Norman, R; Flaugher, T; Chang, S; Power, E
2022-12-26Meeting the confused patient with confidence: perceived benefits of communication partner training in subacute TBI.Nielsen, AI; Jensen, LR; Power, E
2022-11-23Communication partner training with familiar partners of people with aphasia: A systematic review and synthesis of barriers and facilitators to implementation.Shrubsole, K; Power, E; Hallé, M-C
2022-11-23'It gives you encouragement because you're not alone': A pilot study of a multi-component social media skills intervention for people with acquired brain injury.Brunner, M; Rietdijk, R; Summers, K; Southwell, K; Avramovic, P; Power, E; Miao, M; Rushworth, N; MacLean, L; Brookes, A-M; Togher, L
2022-11-03Coping with the Australian marriage law postal survey and its legacy: “I create meaning and joy and connection and community”Casey, LJ; Bowman, SJ; Power, E; McAloon, J; Wootton, BM
2022-11Towards the Consistent Inclusion of People With Aphasia in Stroke Research Irrespective of Discipline.Shiggins, C; Ryan, B; O'Halloran, R; Power, E; Bernhardt, J; Lindley, RI; McGurk, G; Hankey, GJ; Rose, ML
2022-08-29Cognitive and Behavioral Digital Health Interventions for People with Traumatic Brain Injury and Their Caregivers: A Systematic Review.Avramovic, P; Rietdijk, R; Attard, M; Kenny, B; Power, E; Togher, L
2022-08-13Mixed Study Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Sexuality and Sexual Rehabilitation in LGBTQI+ Adults Living With Chronic Disease.Kokay, W; Power, E; McGrath, M
2022-07-26Implementation of Web-Based Psychosocial Interventions for Adults With Acquired Brain Injury and Their Caregivers: Systematic Review.Miao, M; Rietdijk, R; Brunner, M; Debono, D; Togher, L; Power, E
2022-07-21Stepping back into the dementia spaceA call to arms to reaffirm the essential role of speech- language pathology in supporting communication impairments in dementiaFolder, N; Cartwright, J; Torresi, K; Taylor-Rubin, C; Conway, E; Murray, J; Caruana, A; Power, E
2022-04-18Collaborative Co-Design and Evaluation of an Immersive Virtual Reality Application Prototype for Use in Communication RehabilitationBryant, L; Sedlarevic, N; Stubbs, P; Bailey, B; Nguyen, V; Bluff, A; Barnett, D; Estela, M; Hayes, C; Jacobs, C; Kneebone, I; Lucas, C; Mehta, P; Power, E; Hemsley, B
2022-03-02"A Tremendous Outpouring of Love and Affection": A Template Analysis of Positive Experiences during A Major LGBTQ Rights Campaign.Casey, LJ; Bowman, SJ; Wootton, BM; McAloon, J; Power, E
2022-01-18Discourse Performance in Adults With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Orthopedic Injuries, and Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, and Healthy Controls.Norman, RS; Mueller, KD; Huerta, P; Shah, MN; Turkstra, LS; Power, E
2022-01-10Coproducing Knowledge of the Implementation of Complex Digital Health Interventions for Adults with Acquired Brain Injury and their Communication Partners: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study.Miao, M; Power, E; Rietdijk, R; Debono, D; Brunner, M; Salomon, A; Mcculloch, B; Wright, MR; Welsh, M; Tremblay, B; Rixon, C; Williams, L; Morrow, R; Evain, J-C; Togher, L
2022-01-01Sustaining acute speech-language therapists' implementation of recommended aphasia practices: A mixed methods follow-up evaluation of a cluster RCT.Shrubsole, K; Rogers, K; Power, E
2022-01-01How do people with acquired brain injury interpret the Valued Living Questionnaire? A cognitive interviewing studyMiller, H; Lawson, D; Power, E; das Nair, R; Sathananthan, N; Wong, D
2022-01-01Exploring the effects of a communication partner training programme for adapted transport driversTessier, A; Croteau, C; Le Dorze, G; Power, E; Weiss, M
2021-12-09A Web-Based Service Delivery Model for Communication Training After Brain Injury: Protocol for a Mixed Methods, Prospective, Hybrid Type 2 Implementation-Effectiveness Study.Miao, M; Power, E; Rietdijk, R; Brunner, M; Debono, D; Togher, L