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2022-04-08"Rural mothers' feelings of isolation when caring for a child chronic health condition: A phenomenological study".Bristow, SM; Jackson, D; Power, T; Usher, K
2021-12-01On the Other Side of Simulation: Evaluating Faculty Debriefing StylesWhite, H; Hayes, C; Axisa, C; Power, T
2021-10-24Understanding maternal resilience; Lesson learnt from rural mothers caring for a child with a chronic health condition.Bristow, S; Usher, K; Power, T; Jackson, D
2021-10-01Indigenous women's experiences of diabetes in pregnancy: A thematic synthesisPower, T; Wilson, D; East, L; Cashman, B; Wannell, J; Jackson, D
2021-09-22Influence of COVID-19 on the preventive health behaviours of indigenous peoples of Australia residing in New South Wales: a mixed-method study protocol.© Author(s) (or their employer(s)) 2021. Re- use permitted under CC BY- NC. No commercial re- use. See rights and permissions. Published by BMJ; Usher, K; Bhullar, N; Sibbritt, D; Anubha Amarasena, SS; Peng, W; Durkin, J; Smallwood, R; Power, T; Porter, C; McGowen, D; Jackson, D
2021-07Feedback as a balancing act: Qualitative insights from an experienced multi-cultural sample of doctoral supervisors in nursing.Jackson, D; Power, T; Usher, K
2021-06Measuring the impact of productive failure on nursing students' learning in healthcare simulation: A quasi-experimental study.Palominos, E; Levett-Jones, T; Power, T; Alcorn, N; Martinez-Maldonado, R
2021-04Understanding doctoral supervision in nursing: 'It's a complex fusion of skills'.Jackson, D; Power, T; Usher, K
2021-04Learning to be a doctoral supervisor: Experiences and views of nurse supervisors of higher degree research students.Jackson, D; Power, T; Usher, K
2021-04Cocreating Programmable Diagnostic Simulation: Devices to Enhance Reality in Vital Sign Measurement.Benson, P; Power, T; Agudera, F; Hayes, C
2021-03-20Maternal incarceration: Impact on parent-child relationships.Fowler, C; Rossiter, C; Power, T; Dawson, A; Jackson, D; Roche, MA
2021-02-02The development and evaluation of an integrated virtual patient case study and related online resources for person-centred nursing practice.Orr, F; Kelly, M; Virdun, C; Power, T; Phillips, A; Gray, J
2021-01-01Clinical partners’ reflections on Indigenous curricula in health education and the development of a pre-clinical placement student toolkitLucas, C; Aly, M; Power, T
2021-01-01The financial challenges for Australian nursing students attending placement-based work-integrated learning.Usher, K; Fagan, A; Brown, JA; Mather, C; Marlow, A; Power, T; van de Mortel, T; West, C; Hutchinson, M; Zhao, L; Terry, V; Woods, C; Lea, J
2021-01-01“Taking our blindfolds off”: Acknowledging the vision of first nations peoples for nursing and midwiferySherwood, J; West, R; Geia, L; Drummond, A; Power, T; Stuart, L; Deravin, L
2021Beyond 2020: addressing racism through transformative indigenous health and cultural safety education.Power, T; Geia, L; Adams, K; Drummond, A; Saunders, V; Stuart, L; Deravin, L; Tuala, M; Roe, Y; Sherwood, J; Rowe, F; West, R
2020-12-22Basic Life Support Training for undergraduate nursing students: An integrative review.Dick-Smith, F; Power, T; Martinez-Maldonado, R; Elliott, D
2020-10Nurses' and consumers' shared experiences of seclusion and restraint: A qualitative literature review.Hawsawi, T; Power, T; Zugai, J; Jackson, D
2020-10Enhancing pre-licenced pharmacists' communication and interprofessional collaboration utilizing the RIPE model of interprofessional learning: A qualitative study.Lucas, C; Power, T; Ferguson, C; Hayes, C