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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2018Oddness-based classification: A new way of exploiting neighborsBounhas, M; Prade, H; Richard, G
1-Oct-2018Analogical proportions: From equality to inequalityPrade, H; Richard, G
1-Dec-2017Analogy-based classifiers for nominal or numerical dataBounhas, M; Prade, H; Richard, G
1-Mar-2017Oddness/evenness-based classifiers for Boolean or numerical dataBounhas, M; Prade, H; Richard, G
1-Jan-2017A discussion of analogical-proportion based inferencePrade, H; Richard, G
1-Jan-2017The altruistic robot: Do what i want, not just what i sayBillingsley, R; Billingsley, J; Gärdenfors, P; Peppas, P; Prade, H; Skillicorn, D; Williams, MA
1-Jan-2017Towards analogy-based decision - A proposalBillingsley, R; Prade, H; Richard, G; Williams, MA
7-Nov-2016Analogy in recommendation. Numerical vs. Ordinal: A discussionHug, N; Prade, H; Richard, G; Serrurier, M
1-Nov-2016The basic principles of uncertain information fusion. An organised review of merging rules in different representation frameworksDubois, D; Liu, W; Ma, J; Prade, H
1-Nov-2016Decision-Making with Sugeno Integrals: Bridging the Gap Between Multicriteria Evaluation and Decision Under UncertaintyCouceiro, M; Dubois, D; Prade, H; Waldhauser, T
1-Nov-2016Constructive Solving of Raven's IQ Tests with Analogical ProportionsBeltran, WC; Prade, H; Richard, G
24-Oct-2016Relational database schema design for uncertain dataLink, S; Prade, H
1-Jun-2016Possibilistic Functional Dependencies and Their Relationship to Possibility TheoryLink, S; Prade, H
1-Apr-2016Structures of opposition induced by relations: The Boolean and the gradual casesCiucci, D; Dubois, D; Prade, H
1-Mar-2016Practical Methods for Constructing Possibility DistributionsDubois, D; Prade, H
1-Feb-2016Residuated variants of Sugeno integrals: Towards new weighting schemes for qualitative aggregation methodsDubois, D; Prade, H; Rico, A
1-Jan-2016From a possibility theory view of formal concept analysis to the possibilistic handling of incomplete and uncertain contextsAit-Yakoub, Z; Djouadi, Y; Dubois, D; Prade, H
1-Jan-2016Preference modeling with possibilistic networks and symbolic weights: A theoretical studyBen Amor, N; Dubois, D; Gouider, H; Prade, H
1-Jan-2016Analogical classifiers: A theoretical perspectiveHug, N; Prade, H; Richard, G; Serrurier, M
1-Jan-2016Not being at odds with a class: A new way of exploiting neighbors for classificationBounhas, M; Prade, H; Richard, G