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1-May-2019Applying systems thinking to flood disaster management for a sustainable developmentRehman, J; Sohaib, O; Asif, M; Pradhan, B
1-Apr-2019Selection of a Spectral Index for Detection of Orange Spotting Disease in Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) Using Red Edge and Neural Network TechniquesGolhani, K; Balasundram, SK; Vadamalai, G; Pradhan, B
15-Mar-2019Long-term runoff dynamics assessment measured through land use/cover (LULC) changes in a tropical complex catchmentAbdulkareem, JH; Pradhan, B; Sulaiman, WNA; Jamil, NR
1-Mar-2019Prediction of spatial soil loss impacted by long-term land-use/land-cover change in a tropical watershedAbdulkareem, JH; Pradhan, B; Sulaiman, WNA; Jamil, NR
15-Feb-2019Gully erosion zonation mapping using integrated geographically weighted regression with certainty factor and random forest models in GISArabameri, A; Pradhan, B; Rezaei, K
15-Feb-2019Evaluation of watershed health using Fuzzy-ANP approach considering geo-environmental and topo-hydrological criteriaAlilou, H; Rahmati, O; Singh, VP; Choubin, B; Pradhan, B; Keesstra, S; Ghiasi, SS; Sadeghi, SH
13-Feb-2019Groundwater potential mapping using a novel data-mining ensemble modelKordestani, MD; Naghibi, SA; Hashemi, H; Ahmadi, K; Kalantar, B; Pradhan, B
4-Feb-2019Spatial prediction of landslide susceptibility using data mining-based kernel logistic regression, naive Bayes and RBFNetwork models for the Long County area (China)Chen, W; Yan, X; Zhao, Z; Hong, H; Bui, DT; Pradhan, B
1-Feb-2019Hazard zoning for spatial planning using GIS-based landslide susceptibility assessment: a new hybrid integrated data-driven and knowledge-based modelAshournejad, Q; Hosseini, A; Pradhan, B; Hosseini, SJ
1-Feb-2019Urban object extraction using Dempster Shafer feature-based image analysis from worldview-3 satellite imageryMojaddadi Rizeei, H; Pradhan, B; Saharkhiz, MA
1-Feb-2019Urban flood risk mapping using the GARP and QUEST models: A comparative study of machine learning techniquesDarabi, H; Choubin, B; Rahmati, O; Torabi Haghighi, A; Pradhan, B; Kløve, B
18-Jan-2019Assessment of earthquake-induced slope deformation of earth dams using soft computing techniquesJavdanian, H; Pradhan, B
16-Jan-2019Modeling of CO emissions from traffic vehicles using artificial neural networksAzeez, OS; Pradhan, B; Shafri, HZM; Shukla, N; Lee, CW; Rizeei, HM
1-Jan-2019Identification of debris flow initiation zones using topographic model and airborne laser scanning dataLay, US; Pradhan, B
1-Jan-2019Optimized hierarchical rule-based classification for differentiating shallow and deep-seated landslide using high-resolution lidar dataMezaal, MR; Pradhan, B; Shafri, HZM; Mojaddadi, H; Yusoff, ZM
1-Jan-2019Frontier in three-dimensional cave reconstruction—3d meshing versus textured renderingIdrees, MO; Pradhan, B
1-Jan-2019Spatial prediction of gully erosion using ALOS PALSAR data and ensemble bivariate and data mining modelsArabameri, A; Pradhan, B; Rezaei, K
1-Jan-2019Surface runoff estimation and prediction regarding LULC and climate dynamics using coupled LTM, optimized arima and distributed-GIS-based SCS-CN models at tropical regionRizeei, HM; Pradhan, B; Saharkhiz, MA
1-Jan-2019Geomorphometric analysis of landform pattern using topographic position and aster GDEMLay, US; Jibrin, G; Tijani, I; Pradhan, B
1-Jan-2019Assessing vertical accuracy and the impact of water surface elevation from different DEM datasetsMokhtar, ES; Pradhan, B; Ghazali, AH; Shafri, HZM