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31-Dec-2019A Critical Review on Artificial Intelligence on Earthquake Probability AssessmentJena, R; Pradhan, B
1-Dec-2019Assessment of post-tsunami disaster land use/land cover change and potential impact of future sea-level rise to low-lying coastal areas: A case study of Banda Aceh coast of IndonesiaMeilianda, E; Pradhan, B; Syamsidik; Comfort, LK; Alfian, D; Juanda, R; Syahreza, S; Munadi, K
1-Nov-2019Spatial assessment of termites interaction with groundwater potential conditioning parameters in Keffi, NigeriaAhmed, JB; Pradhan, B
1-Nov-2019Forest fire induced Natech risk assessment: A survey of geospatial technologiesNaderpour, M; Rizeei, HM; Khakzad, N; Pradhan, B
1-Nov-2019Assessment of coastal vulnerability to multi-hazardous events using geospatial techniques along the eastern coast of BangladeshHoque, MAA; Ahmed, N; Pradhan, B; Roy, S
1-Oct-2019Novel Hybrid Integration Approach of Bagging-Based Fisher’s Linear Discriminant Function for Groundwater Potential AnalysisChen, W; Pradhan, B; Li, S; Shahabi, H; Rizeei, HM; Hou, E; Wang, S
1-Sep-2019Gully erosion susceptibility mapping using GIS-based multi-criteria decision analysis techniquesArabameri, A; Pradhan, B; Rezaei, K; Conoscenti, C
17-Aug-2019A Novel Swarm Intelligence-Harris Hawks Optimization for Spatial Assessment of Landslide Susceptibility.Bui, DT; Moayedi, H; Kalantar, B; Osouli, A; Pradhan, B; Nguyen, H; Rashid, ASA
10-Aug-2019Inverse method using boosted regression tree and k-nearest neighbor to quantify effects of point and non-point source nitrate pollution in groundwaterMotevalli, A; Naghibi, SA; Hashemi, H; Berndtsson, R; Pradhan, B; Gholami, V
7-Aug-2019Data Mining and Statistical Approaches in Debris-Flow Susceptibility Modelling Using Airborne LiDAR DataLay, US; Pradhan, B; Yusoff, ZBM; Abdallah, AFB; Aryal, J; Park, HJ
1-Aug-2019Agriculture sprawl assessment using multi-temporal remote sensing images and its environmental impact; Al-Jouf, KSAYoussef, AM; Abu Abdullah, MM; Pradhan, B; Gaber, AFD
1-Aug-2019Allocation of emergency response centres in response to pluvial flooding-prone demand points using integrated multiple layer perceptron and maximum coverage location problem modelsRizeei, HM; Pradhan, B; Saharkhiz, MA
1-Aug-2019Spatial prediction of gully erosion using ALOS PALSAR data and ensemble bivariate and data mining modelsArabameri, A; Pradhan, B; Rezaei, K
1-Jul-2019Flood spatial modeling in Northern Iran using remote sensing and GIS: A comparison between evidential belief functions and its ensemble with a multivariate logistic regression modelBui, DT; Khosravi, K; Shahabi, H; Daggupati, P; Adamowski, JF; M.Melesse, A; Pham, BT; Pourghasemi, HR; Mahmoudi, M; Bahrami, S; Pradhan, B; Shirzadi, A; Chapi, K; Lee, S
1-Jul-2019Dam site suitability assessment at the Greater Zab River in northern Iraq using remote sensing data and GISNoori, AM; Pradhan, B; Ajaj, QM
1-Jul-2019Modification of landslide susceptibility mapping using optimized PSO-ANN techniqueMoayedi, H; Mehrabi, M; Mosallanezhad, M; Rashid, ASA; Pradhan, B
1-Jul-2019Self-Learning Random Forests Model for Mapping Groundwater Yield in Data-Scarce AreasSameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Lee, S
1-Jun-2019Land cover classification from fused DSM and UAV images using convolutional neural networksAl-Najjar, HAH; Kalantar, B; Pradhan, B; Saeidi, V; Halin, AA; Ueda, N; Mansor, S
1-Jun-2019A novel ensemble artificial intelligence approach for gully erosion mapping in a semi-arid watershed (Iran)Bui, DT; Shirzadi, A; Shahabi, H; Chapi, K; Omidavr, E; Pham, BT; Asl, DT; Khaledian, H; Pradhan, B; Panahi, M; Bin Ahmad, B; Rahmani, H; Gróf, G; Lee, S
1-Jun-2019A comparative assessment of flood susceptibility modeling using Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Analysis and Machine Learning MethodsKhosravi, K; Shahabi, H; Pham, BT; Adamowski, J; Shirzadi, A; Pradhan, B; Dou, J; Ly, HB; Gróf, G; Ho, HL; Hong, H; Chapi, K; Prakash, I