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2024-03-01Blockchain Data Structures and Integrated Adaptive Learning: Features and FuturesPuthal, D; Yeun, CY; Damiani, E; Mishra, AK; Yelamarthi, K; Pradhan, B
2023-12-20Hybrid Mode of Operation Schemes for P2P Communication to Analyze End-Point Individual Behaviour in IoTMishra, AK; Singh, O; Kumar, A; Puthal, D; Sharma, PK; Pradhan, B
2023-12-15Impacts of hydroclimate change on climate-resilient agriculture at the river basin managementSingha, C; Sahoo, S; Govind, A; Pradhan, B; Alrawashdeh, S; Aljohani, TH; Almohamad, H; Islam, ARMT; Abdo, HG
2023-12-01Monitoring of three stages of paddy growth using multispectral vegetation index derived from UAV imagesSamsuddin Sah, S; Abdul Maulud, KN; Sharil, S; A. Karim, O; Pradhan, B
2023-11-01Winter wheat yield prediction in the conterminous United States using solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence data and XGBoost and random forest algorithmJoshi, A; Pradhan, B; Chakraborty, S; Behera, MD
2023-11-01Spatial flood susceptibility mapping using an explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) modelPradhan, B; Lee, S; Dikshit, A; Kim, H
2023-10-28Extraction of Roads Using the Archimedes Tuning Process with the Quantum Dilated Convolutional Neural Network.Khan, MJ; Singh, PP; Pradhan, B; Alamri, A; Lee, C-W
2023-09-09Interpretability of simple RNN and GRU deep learning models used to map land susceptibility to gully erosion.Gholami, H; Mohammadifar, A; Golzari, S; Song, Y; Pradhan, B
2023-09-01Optimization of teleconsultation appointment scheduling in National Telemedicine Center of ChinaWan, M; Shukla, N; Li, J; Pradhan, B
2023-09-01Estimating Forest-Based Livelihood Strategies Focused on Accessibility of Market Demand and Forest ProximityBisui, S; Pradhan, B; Roy, S; Sengupta, D; Bhunia, GS; Shit, PK
2023-09-01Decadal shoreline changes and effectiveness of coastal protection measures post-tsunami on 26 December 2004Meilianda, E; Mauluddin, S; Pradhan, B; Sugianto, S
2023-08-15Data-driven approaches to sustainable referral system design integrating the offline channel and the online channelWan, M; Shukla, N; Li, J; Pradhan, B
2023-08-01An Integration of Deep Learning and Transfer Learning for Earthquake-Risk Assessment in the Eurasian RegionJena, R; Shanableh, A; Al-Ruzouq, R; Pradhan, B; Gibril, MBA; Ghorbanzadeh, O; Atzberger, C; Khalil, MA; Mittal, H; Ghamisi, P
2023-08-01Earthquake spatial probability and hazard estimation using various explainable AI (XAI) models at the Arabian peninsulaJena, R; Shanableh, A; Al-Ruzouq, R; Pradhan, B; Gibril, MBA; Khalil, MA; Ghorbanzadeh, O; Ghamisi, P
2023-07-21Development of Debiasing Technique for Lung Nodule Chest X-ray Datasets to Generalize Deep Learning Models.Horry, MJ; Chakraborty, S; Pradhan, B; Paul, M; Zhu, J; Loh, HW; Barua, PD; Acharya, UR
2023-07-01An explainable AI (XAI) model for landslide susceptibility modelingPradhan, B; Dikshit, A; Lee, S; Kim, H
2023-07-01Proposing an ensemble machine learning based drought vulnerability index using M5P, dagging, random sub-space and rotation forest modelsSaha, S; Kundu, B; Paul, GC; Pradhan, B
2023-07-01The role of IoT sensor in smart building context for indoor fire hazard scenario: A systematic review of interdisciplinary articlesShaharuddin, S; Abdul Maulud, KN; Syed Abdul Rahman, SAF; Che Ani, AI; Pradhan, B
2023-06-25Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) for interpreting the contributing factors feed into the wildfire susceptibility prediction model.Abdollahi, A; Pradhan, B
2023-06-01A pre-trained deep-learning surrogate model for slope stability analysis with spatial variabilityXu, H; He, X; Pradhan, B; Sheng, D