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2022-04-15Predicting soil erosion susceptibility associated with climate change scenarios in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka.Senanayake, S; Pradhan, B
2022-04-01Exploration targeting of copper deposits using staged factor analysis, geochemical mineralization prospectivity index, and fractal model (Western Anti-Atlas, Morocco)Ouchchen, M; Boutaleb, S; Abia, EH; Azzab, DE; Miftah, A; Dadi, B; Echogdali, FZ; Mamouch, Y; Pradhan, B; Santosh, M; Abioui, M
2022-03-01Predicting sustainable arsenic mitigation using machine learning techniques.Singh, SK; Taylor, RW; Pradhan, B; Shirzadi, A; Pham, BT
2022-02-24Automatic extraction of large-scale aquaculture encroachment areas using Canny Edge Otsu algorithm in Google Earth Engine – the case study of Kolleru Lake, South IndiaKolli, MK; Opp, C; Karthe, D; Pradhan, B
2022-02-15Estimation of ground subsidence of New Delhi, India using PS-InSAR technique and Multi-sensor Radar dataMalik, K; Kumar, D; Perissin, D; Pradhan, B
2022-02-09A Comparative Study of Convolutional Neural Networks and Conventional Machine Learning Models for Lithological Mapping Using Remote Sensing DataShirmard, H; Farahbakhsh, E; Heidari, E; Beiranvand Pour, A; Pradhan, B; Müller, D; Chandra, R
2022-02-01Improving the coastal aquifers’ vulnerability assessment using SCMAI ensemble of three machine learning approachesBordbar, M; Neshat, A; Javadi, S; Pradhan, B; Dixon, B; Paryani, S
2022-02-01Debris flow simulation 2D (DFS 2D): Numerical modelling of debris flows and calibration of friction parametersAbraham, MT; Satyam, N; Pradhan, B; Tian, H
2022-02-01Swarm intelligence optimization of the group method of data handling using the cuckoo search and whale optimization algorithms to model and predict landslidesJaafari, A; Panahi, M; Mafi-Gholami, D; Rahmati, O; Shahabi, H; Shirzadi, A; Lee, S; Bui, DT; Pradhan, B
2022-02-01Spatial modeling of soil erosion hazards and crop diversity change with rainfall variation in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka.Senanayake, S; Pradhan, B; Huete, A; Brennan, J
2022-01-01School location analysis by integrating the accessibility, natural and biological hazards to support equal access to educationSakti, AD; Rahadianto, MAE; Pradhan, B; Muhammad, HN; Andani, IGA; Sarli, PW; Abdillah, MR; Anggraini, TS; Purnomo, AD; Ridwana, R; Yulianto, F; Manessa, MDM; Fauziyyah, AN; Yayusman, LF; Wikantika, K
2022-01-01Spatial earthquake vulnerability assessment by using multi-criteria decision making and probabilistic neural network techniques in Odisha, IndiaJena, R; Pradhan, B; Beydoun, G; Alamri, A; Shanableh, A
2022-01-01Consideration of spatial heterogeneity in landslide susceptibility mapping using geographical random forest modelQuevedo, RP; Maciel, DA; Uehara, TDT; Vojtek, M; Rennó, CD; Pradhan, B; Vojteková, J; Pham, QB
2022-01-01SC-RoadDeepNet: A New Shape and Connectivity-preserving Road Extraction Deep Learning-based Network from Remote Sensing DataAbdollahi, A; Pradhan, B; Alamri, A
2022-01-01Disaster Management Knowledge Analysis Framework ValidatedInan, DI; Beydoun, G; Pradhan, B
2022-01Improved Otsu and Kapur approach for white blood cells segmentation based on LebTLBO optimization for the detection of Leukemia.Deshpande, NM; Gite, S; Pradhan, B; Kotecha, K; Alamri, A
2021-12-01A hybridized model based on neural network and swarm intelligence-grey wolf algorithm for spatial prediction of urban flood-inundationDarabi, H; Torabi Haghighi, A; Rahmati, O; Jalali Shahrood, A; Rouzbeh, S; Pradhan, B; Tien Bui, D
2021-12-01Improvement of landslide spatial modeling using machine learning methods and two Harris hawks and bat algorithmsParyani, S; Neshat, A; Pradhan, B
2021-12-01Manifestation of lattice topology data model for indoor navigation path based on the 3D building environmentRahman, SAFSA; Maulud, KNA; Pradhan, B; Mustorpha, SNAS
2021-12-01Modeling of groundwater potential using cloud computing platform: A case study from nineveh plain, Northern IraqAl-Ozeer, AZA; Al-Abadi, AM; Hussain, TA; Fryar, AE; Pradhan, B; Alamri, A; Maulud, KNA