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2024-01-01Relevance of Engineering Management courses to managerial skills in the industryKotha, M; Pradhan, S; Cetindamar Kozanoglu, D
2023-03-30On eigenvalue shaping for two-channel decentralized active noise control systemsPradhan, S; Zhang, G; Zhao, S; Niwa, K; Bastiaan Kleijn, W
2022-11-01A framework to assess indicators of the circular economy in biological systemsKusumo, F; Mahlia, TMI; Pradhan, S; Ong, HC; Silitonga, AS; Fattah, IMR; Nghiem, LD; Mofijur, M
2022-10-25Oral Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of People Living with Diabetes in South Asia: A Scoping Review.Poudel, P; Rawal, LB; Kong, A; Yadav, UN; Sousa, MS; Karmacharya, B; Pradhan, S; George, A
2022-07-31The Nexus between Cultural Tourism and Social Entrepreneurship: A pathway to sustainable community development in NepalPradhan, S; Dyson, L; Lama, S
2022-07-05Integrating Design Science Research with Sustainability: A Systematic Literature ReviewPradhan, S; Lama, S
2022-01-01Investigating the Social Capital Theory in the University-Private Partnership: A Systematic ReviewHakami, M; Pradhan, S; Mastio, E
2022-01-01“Who you know affects what you know”: Knowledge transfer in the university–private partnership–a social capital perspectiveHakami, M; Pradhan, S; Mastio, E
2022-01-01The role of empathic experiences of entrepreneurial engineers within accelerators: a phenomenological studyLitvinov, A; Gardner, A; Pradhan, S; Childers, J
2021-12-13Impacts of remote learning to students in higher education during the COVID-19 pandemic in NepalLaudari, S; Pradhan, S; Lama, S
2021-12-13Viva voce as an authentic assessment tools during the COVID-19 pandemicPradhan, S; Kreglicki, M
2021-12-06Remote Teaching in Nepalese Higher Education During COVID-19: Teachers' PerspectivesPradhan, S; Laudari, S; Lama, S
2021-10-25Assessment of initial and Post-adoption Factors of Business Intelligence Systems in Saudi’s SMEs A pilot studyALMUSALLAM, M; Pradhan, S; Mastio, E
2021-09-23Toward a Game-Based Dialogical Pedagogy: Insights from Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing GamesWang, S; Pradhan, S; Cousins, K
2021-09-19University-Industry Collaboration in the Middle East and North Africa Region: Current Trends and Future PerspectivesHakami, M; Pradhan, S; Mastio, E
2021-05-27Manipulation of online reviews: Analysis of negative reviews for healthcare providersPradhan, S; Amatya, E; Ma, Y
2021-02-01Design of a class of zero attraction based sparse adaptive feedback cancellers for assistive listening devicesBhattacharjee, SS; Pradhan, S; George, NV
2021-01-01Affine Combination of the Filtered-x LMS/F Algorithms for Active ControlPradhan, S; Qiu, X; Ji, J
2021-01-01Beyond planned learning objectives: Entrepreneurial education as the source of accidental competencies for engineering studentsLitvinov, A; Gardner, A; Pradhan, S; Childers, J
2020-12-07A Variable Step Size Improved Multiband-Structured Subband Adaptive Feedback Cancellation Scheme for Hearing AidsPradhan, S; Qiu, X; Ji, J