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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07-01A 5-stage active control method with online secondary path modelling using decorrelated control signalPradhan, S; Qiu, X
2019-12-09Towards a Digital Platform to Support/Enhance Community-based Tourism in Developing Countries - Findings from NepalPradhan, S; Ehnis, C; Lama, S
2019-11-21Building a Digital Entrepreneurial Platform through Local Community Activity and Digital Skills with Ngemba First Nation AustraliaPradhan, S; Beetson, S; Gordon, G; Ford, J
2019-10-23Evolving organizational design enterprises in developing countries: A dialectic perspectiveGurca, A; Ravishankar, MN; Pradhan, S
2019-02-27Factors predicting home medication management practices among chronically ill older population of selected districts of NepalShrestha, S; Poudel, RS; Pradhan, S; Adhikari, A; Giri, A; Poudel, A
2019-01-29An e-tourism adoption model and its implications for tourism industry in NepalLama, S; Pradhan, S; Shrestha, A
2019-01-01A four-stage method for active control with online feedback path modelling using control signalPradhan, S; Qiu, X; Ji, J
2018-11-05ICT Usage for the post-disaster recovery in tourism: The 2015 Nepal EarthquakeLama, S; Pradhan, S
2018-07-08Learning from industry-based mentoring in undergraduate group projectsPradhan, S; Kreglicki, M
2018-03-01Two microphone acoustic feedback cancellation in digital hearing aids: A step size controlled frequency domain approachPradhan, S; George, NV; Albu, F; Nordholm, S
2018-01-01Perceived antecedents to the success of impact sourcing in BangladeshZaman Khan, SU; Pradhan, S
2018-01-01Barriers of E-tourism adoption in developing countries: A case study of nepalLama, S; Pradhan, S; Shrestha, A; Beirman, D
2018-01-01Building digital entrepreneurial platform through local community activity and digital skills in aboriginal AustraliaPradhan, S; Beetson, S; Kutay, C
2017-07-12Value co-creation and service ecosystem for developing countries to promote development and inclusive growth: Home-based workers’ casePradhan, S; Gurca, A; Hawryszkiewycz, I
2017-01-01Analysis of impact sourcing by infusing social innovation in outsourcing for NepalPradhan, S
2016-01-01Impact of subjective aspects in the matching of dentists and patients in dental care recommendation systemsPradhan, S; Gay, V; Nepal, S
2016-01-01An innovative approach to derive trust from social networks and to improve the matching in dental care recommendation systemsPradhan, S; Gay, V; Nepal, S
2016Socio-Economic Impacts on the Adoption of Mobile Phones by the Major Indigenous Nationalities of NepalPradhan, S; Bajracharya, G; Dyson, L; Grant, S; Hendriks, M
2015-09Use of Design Thinking: A step towards fostering creativity and innovation in a teaching environmentPradhan, S; Remenyi, D
2015-01-01Analysing and using subjective criteria to improve dental care recommendation systemsPradhan, S; Gay, V; Nepal, S