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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-01Financial time series forecasting using twin support vector regressionGupta, D; Pratama, M; Ma, Z; Li, J; Prasad, M
2018-03-27Motor fault detection and diagnosis based on a meta-cognitive random vector functional link networkZa'in, C; Pratama, M; Prasad, M; Puthal, D; Lim, CP; Seera, M
2018-02-02Fuzzy LogicHybrid model with semantic filtering approach for pseudo relevance feedback-based query expansionSingh, J; Prasad, M; Daraghmi, YA; Tiwari, P; Yadav, P; Bharill, N; Pratama, M; Saxena, A
2018-01-01Online video streaming for human tracking based on weighted resampling particle filterPrasad, M; Chang, LC; Gupta, D; Pratama, M; Sundaram, S; Lin, CT
2018-01-01Big Data Analytics based on PANFIS MapReduceZa'in, C; Pratama, M; Lughofer, E; Ferdaus, M; Cai, Q; Prasad, M
2018-01-01A fast and self-adaptive on-line learning detection systemPrasad, M; Zheng, D-R; Mery, D; Puthal, D; Sundaram, S; Lin, C-T; Ozawa, S; Tan, AH; Angelov, PP; Roy, A; Pratama, M
2017-10-01An Incremental Learning of Concept Drifts Using Evolving Type-2 Recurrent Fuzzy Neural NetworksPratama, M; Lu, J; Lughofer, E; Zhang, G; Er, MJ
2017-06-30A randomized neural network for data streamsPratama, M; Angelov, PP; Lu, J; Lughofer, E; Seera, M; Lim, CP
2017-02-01An Incremental Type-2 Meta-Cognitive Extreme Learning MachinePratama, M; Zhang, G; Er, MJ; Anavatti, S
2017-01-01Robust Facial Alignment for Face RecognitionChou, KP; Li, DL; Prasad, M; Pratama, M; Su, SY; Lu, H; Lin, CT; Lin, WC
2016-06-01Evolving Type-2 Fuzzy ClassifierPratama, M; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2016-05-26Scaffolding type-2 classifier for incremental learning under concept driftsPratama, M; Lu, J; Lughofer, E; Zhang, G; Anavatti, S
2016-01-12A Novel Meta-Cognitive Extreme Learning Machine to Learning from Data StreamsPratama, M; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2015-12-01Recurrent Classifier Based on an Incremental Metacognitive-Based Scaffolding AlgorithmPratama, M; Anavatti, SG; Lu, J
2015-11-25An incremental interval Type-2 neural fuzzy ClassifierPratama, M; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2014-01-13A recurrent meta-cognitive-based Scaffolding classifier from data streamsPratama, M; Lu, J; Anavatti, SG; Iglesias, JA
2013-01Data driven modeling based on dynamic parsimonious fuzzy neural networkPratama, M; Er, M; Li, X; Oentaryo, RJ; Lughofer, E; Arifin, I
2011-01Genetic Dynamic Fuzzy Neural Network (GDFNN) for nonlinear system identificationPratama, M; Er, M; Li, X; San, L; Richard, JO; Zhai, L; Torabi, A; Arifin, I; NA