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2023-07Hotspots of change in use of public transport to work: A geospatial mixed method studyMazumdar, S; Jaques, K; Conaty, S; De Leeuw, E; Gudes, O; Lee, JB; Prior, J; Jalaludin, B; Harris, P
2023-05-01The relations between mental health and psychological wellbeing and living with environmental contamination: A systematic review and conceptual frameworkLegg, R; Prior, J; Adams, J; McIntyre, E
2022-12-19Queering Cities in Australia - Making public spaces more inclusive through urban policy and practicePrior, J
2022-10-01Government and Private Company Collaboration in the Governance of Shared Mobility Schemes: A Case Study of Dockless Bike-Sharing Schemes in Sydney, AustraliaCao, J; Prior, J; Giurco, D
2022-08Respiratory pandemics, urban planning and design: A multidisciplinary rapid review of the literature.Harris, P; Harris-Roxas, B; Prior, J; Morrison, N; McIntyre, E; Frawley, J; Adams, J; Bevan, W; Haigh, F; Freeman, E; Hua, M; Pry, J; Mazumdar, S; Cave, B; Viliani, F; Kwan, B
2022-08A geography of contaminated sites, mental health and wellbeing: The body, home, environment and state at Australian PFAS sitesLegg, R; Prior, J; Adams, J; McIntyre, E
2022-05-31Assessing the impact of sporting mega-events on the social and physical capital of communities in host cities: the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games experienceFalla, M; Prior, J; Jacobs, B
2022-04-29“It's A Drag”: Exploring How to Improve Parents’ Experiences of Managing Mobile Device Use During Family TimeChin Derix, E; Wah Leong, T; Prior, J
2022-04-14The rise of transdisciplinary ‘boundary organisations’ within the Australian Tertiary Education sector: Beyond the disciplined universitySebastian, I; Fam, D; Prior, J; Baptista, B; Klein, J
2021-11-30Family Technology Use: Sources of Conflict In Parents' RelationshipsChin Derix, E; Wah Leong, T; Prior, J
2021-10-25Urban heat: an increasing threat to global health.Tong, S; Prior, J; McGregor, G; Shi, X; Kinney, P
2021-10The governance of dockless bike-sharing schemes: A systemic review of peer-reviewed academic journal papers between 2016 and 2019Cao, J; Prior, J; Moutou, C
2021-08-01Review Of Disciplinary Contributions To Planetary Health Collaborations Focused On Sustainable Urban Development: An Integrated Approach To Sustainable Development Goals 3.9 & 11.3Ibrahim, U; Prior, J
2021-05-08“It's The Same Conflict Every Time, On Repeat.”Derix, EC; Leong, TW; Prior, J
2020-12-16Software Quality and its Entanglements in PracticePrior, J; Leaney, J; Zafiroglu, A; Lewis, T
2020-11-01How do Colombian software companies evaluate software product quality?Perdomo, W; Prior, J; Leaney, J
2020-01-31Guide for Creating Stakeholder Engagement Plans for Contaminated Sites in NSWPrior, J; Fam, D; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Connon, I
2019-12-20Health and Planning for Victoria Park and Green Square Town Centre: A Contextual Review of Planning Strategy DocumentsPaine, G; Goh, L; Connon, I; Prior, J; Thompson, S; Kent, JL; Rissel, C; Thomas, L; Adams, J; Capon, A; McIntyre, E
2019-12-03What Types of Evidence are Available for Translating Health Evidence into Planning Strategies for Higher Density Living? A Review of the LiteratureConnon, I; Prior, J; Kent, JL; Goh, L
2019-08-08What Evidence is Available to Translate into Planning Strategies for Healthy Higher Density Living?Connon, I; Prior, J; Kent, JL; Thompson, S; Rissel, C; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Capon, A; Thomas, L; Westcott, H