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Jan-2014Responsible mineral and energy futures: views at the nexusGiurco, D; Mclellan, B; Franks, DM; Nansai, K; Prior, TD
Jan-2014An ecosystem services framework to support statutory water allocation planning in Australia.Plant, R; Prior, TD
Jan-2013Sustainable governance of scarce metals: The case of lithiumPrior, TD; Wager, PA; Stamp, A; Widmer, R; Giurco, D
Jan-2013Coal: Production trends, sustainability issues and future prospectsMohr, SH; Mudd, GM; Mason, LM; Prior, TD; Giurco, D
Jan-2013Resourcing the future: Using foresight in resource governancePrior, TD; Daly, JG; Mason, LM; Giurco, D
Jan-2012Australian Cotton Futures: Final forum reportPrior, TD; Asker, SA; Plant, R
Jan-2012Peak minerals: theoretical foundations and practical applicationMay, D; Prior, TD; Cordell, DJ; Giurco, D
Jan-2012The phosphorus mass balance: identifying 'hotspots' in the food system as a roadmap to phosphorus securityCordell, DJ; Neset, TS; Prior, TD
Jan-2012Iron resources and production: Technology, sustainability and future prospectsMudd, GM; Yellishetty, M; Mason, LM; Mohr, SH; Prior, TD; Giurco, D
Jan-2012Life-of-resource sustainability considerations for miningGiurco, D; Prior, TD; Mason, LM; Mohr, SH; Mudd, GM
Jan-2012Resource criticality and commodity production projectionsGiurco, D; Mohr, SH; Mudd, GM; Mason, LM; Prior, TD
Jan-2012Resource depletion, peak minerals and the implications for sustainable resource managementPrior, TD; Giurco, D; Mudd, GM; Mason, LM; Behrisch, JC
Jan-2012Recognising the broader benefits of aquatic systems in water planning: an ecosystem services approach (Waterlines Report Series No. 87, August 2012)Plant, R; Hamstead, M; Taylor, C; Prior, TD
Jan-2011The art of learning: wildfire, amenity migration and local environmental knowledgeEriksen, C; Prior, TD
Jan-2011Vision 2040: Mining, minerals and innovation - A vision for Australia's mineral futureMason, LM; Lederwasch, AJ; Daly, JG; Prior, TD; Buckley, A; Hoath, A; Giurco, D
Jan-2011Vision 2040: Mining, minerals and innovation. Consultation Paper May 2011Mason, LM; Lederwasch, AJ; Prior, TD; Giurco, D
Jan-2011Clean energy and mining - future synergiesMemary, R; Giurco, D; Prior, TD; Mason, LM; Mudd, GM; Peterseim, J; Saydam, S
Jan-2011Vision 2040 - Mining technology, policy and market innovationGiurco, D; Prior, TD; Mason, LM; Saydam, S
Jan-2011Australian cotton futures: Final summary reportPrior, TD; Asker, SA; Plant, R
Jan-2011Availability, addiction and alternatives: three criteria for assessing the impact of peak minerals on societyMason, LM; Prior, TD; Mudd, GM; Giurco, D