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2022-12Equity in healthcare utilization in Canada's publicly funded health system: 2000-2014.Hirello, L; Pulok, MH; Hajizadeh, M
2022-12The link between out-of-pocket costs and inequality in specialist care in Australia.Pulok, MH; van Gool, K; Hall, J
2022-08Equity in the use of physician services in Canada's universal health system: A longitudinal analysis of older adults.Pulok, MH; Hajizadeh, M
2022-04-28Price and Income Elasticities of Cigarette Smoking Demand in Bangladesh: Evidence from Urban Adolescents and Young Adults.Ahmed, MU; Pulok, MH; Hashmi, R; Hajizadeh, M; Nargis, N
2022Determinants of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption Among the Saudi Adults: Findings From a Nationally Representative Survey.Al-Hanawi, MK; Ahmed, MU; Alshareef, N; Qattan, AMN; Pulok, MH
2022Fiscal Capacity, Democratic Institutions and Social Welfare Outcomes in Developing CountriesMurshed, SM; Bergougui, B; Badiuzzaman, M; Pulok, MH
2021-01Quality and quantity of price elasticity of cigarette in Iran.Homaie Rad, E; Pulok, MH; Rezaei, S; Reihanian, A
2020-10The role of illness acuity on the association between frailty and mortality in emergency department patients referred to internal medicine.Pulok, MH; Theou, O; van der Valk, AM; Rockwood, K
2020-06-29Socioeconomic inequality in tobacco expenditure in Iran: a cross-sectional analysis at national and subnational levels.Rezaei, S; Pulok, MH; Ebrahimi, M
2020-03-20Socioeconomic Inequalities in Uptake of Breast Cancer Screening among Saudi Women: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of a National Survey.Al-Hanawi, MK; Hashmi, R; Almubark, S; Qattan, AMN; Pulok, MH
2020-02-08Socioeconomic Inequalities in Child Malnutrition in Bangladesh: Do They Differ by Region?Hasan, MM; Uddin, J; Pulok, MH; Zaman, N; Hajizadeh, M
2020-01Socioeconomic-Related Inequalities in Dental Care Utilization in Northwestern Iran.Rezaei, S; Pulok, MH; Zahirian Moghadam, T; Zandian, H
2020-01Socio-economic inequalities in diabetes prevalence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Al-Hanawi, MK; Chirwa, GC; Pulok, MH
2019-09-05Socioeconomic inequalities in maternal health care utilization in GhanaNovignon, J; Ofori, B; Tabiri, KG; Pulok, MH
2019-06-01Association between child marriage and institutional delivery care services use in Bangladesh: intersections between education and place of residenceUddin, J; Pulok, MH; Johnson, RB; Rana, J; Baker, E
2018-07-01Socioeconomic inequality in maternal healthcare: An analysis of regional variation in BangladeshPulok, MH; Uddin, J; Enemark, U; Hossin, MZ
2017-11-09Couple's concordance and discordance in household decision-making and married women's use of modern contraceptives in BangladeshUddin, J; Hossin, MZ; Pulok, MH
2017-01-01Does corruption matter for economic development? Long run evidence from BangladeshPulok, MH; Ahmed, MU
2016-07-29Progress in the utilization of antenatal and delivery care services in Bangladesh: Where does the equity gap lie?Pulok, MH; Sabah, MNU; Uddin, J; Enemark, U
2016-07-01Correlates of unmet need for contraception in Bangladesh: Does couples' concordance in household decision making matter?Uddin, J; Pulok, MH; Sabah, MNU