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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08-01A Novel Logo Identification Technique for Logo-Based Phishing Detection in Cyber-Physical SystemsPanda, P; Mishra, AK; Puthal, D
2022-05-23SE-Loc: Security-Enhanced Indoor Localization with Semi-Supervised Deep LearningYe, Q; Fan, X; Bie, H; Puthal, D; Wu, T; Song, X; Fang, G
2022-04-01Decision tree based user-centric security solution for critical IoT infrastructurePuthal, D; Wilson, S; Nanda, A; Liu, M; Swain, S; Sahoo, BPS; Yelamarthi, K; Pillai, P; El-Sayed, H; Prasad, M
2022-04-01TFMD-SDVN: a trust framework for misbehavior detection in the edge of software-defined vehicular networkNayak, RP; Sethi, S; Bhoi, SK; Mohapatra, D; Sahoo, RR; Sharma, PK; Puthal, D
2022-03-01Combination of Reduction Detection Using TOPSIS for Gene Expression Data AnalysisTripathy, J; Dash, R; Pattanayak, BK; Mishra, SK; Mishra, TK; Puthal, D
2022-01-27A fuzzy rule-based efficient hospital bed management approach for coronavirus disease-19 infected patientsJena, KK; Bhoi, SK; Prasad, M; Puthal, D
2022-01-01Security and Privacy in Edge-centric Intelligent Internet of Vehicles: Issues and RemediesAdhikari, M; Munusamy, A; Hazra, A; Menon, VG; Anavangot, V; Puthal, D
2021-11-01Federated LearningRay, NK; Puthal, D; Ghai, D
2021-11-01Personal Internet of Things (PIoT): What Is It Exactly?Sahoo, BPS; Mohanty, SP; Puthal, D; Pillai, P
2021-09-01Toward Next-Generation Robust CryptosystemsPuthal, D; Swain, S; Mohanty, SP
2021-09-01GraphCrypto: Next generation data security approach towards sustainable smart city buildingMishra, AK; Puthal, D; Tripathy, AK
2021-08-01Preserving Privacy in the Internet of Connected VehiclesGhane, S; Jolfaei, A; Kulik, L; Ramamohanarao, K; Puthal, D
2021-07-11Multilevel Color Image Segmentation using Modified Fuzzy Entropy and Cuckoo Search AlgorithmPare, S; Prasad, M; Puthal, D; Gupta, D; Malik, A; Saxena, A
2021-07-01Cybersecurity Issues in AIPuthal, D; Mohanty, S
2021-05-01Collaborative Edge Computing for Smart VillagesPuthal, D; Mohanty, S; Wilson, S; Choppali, U
2021-05-01Detection of SLA Violation for Big Data Analytics Applications in CloudZeng, X; Garg, S; Barika, M; Bista, S; Puthal, D; Zomaya, AY; Ranjan, R
2021-01-01Running Industrial Workflow Applications in a Software-defined Multi-Cloud Environment using Green Energy Aware Scheduling AlgorithmWen, Z; Garg, S; Aujla, GSS; Alwasel, K; Puthal, D; Dustdar, S; Zomaya, AY; Rajan, R
2020-08-01Design and evaluation of a novel hierarchical trust assessment approach for vehicular networksEl Sayed, H; Zeadally, S; Puthal, D
2020-07-01Visualization Approach for Malware Classification with ResNeXtGo, JH; Jan, T; Mohanty, M; Patel, OP; Puthal, D; Prasad, M
2020-07-01ESMLB: Efficient Switch Migration-Based Load Balancing for Multicontroller SDN in IoTSahoo, KS; Puthal, D; Tiwary, M; Usman, M; Sahoo, B; Wen, Z; Sahoo, BPS; Ranjan, R