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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08-01Design and evaluation of a novel hierarchical trust assessment approach for vehicular networksEl Sayed, H; Zeadally, S; Puthal, D
2020-07-01Visualization Approach for Malware Classification with ResNeXtGo, JH; Jan, T; Mohanty, M; Patel, OP; Puthal, D; Prasad, M
2020-07-01ESMLB: Efficient Switch Migration-Based Load Balancing for Multicontroller SDN in IoTSahoo, KS; Puthal, D; Tiwary, M; Usman, M; Sahoo, B; Wen, Z; Sahoo, BPS; Ranjan, R
2020-05-14Fuzzy knowledge based performance analysis on big dataBharill, N; Tiwari, A; Malviya, A; Patel, OP; Gupta, A; Puthal, D; Saxena, A; Prasad, M
2020-04-01PAAL: A Framework Based on Authentication, Aggregation, and Local Differential Privacy for Internet of Multimedia ThingsUsman, M; Jan, MA; Puthal, D
2020-03-01A QoS-Aware Data Collection Protocol for LLNs in Fog-Enabled Internet of ThingsSanwar Hosen, ASMS; Singh, S; Sharma, PK; Rahman, MS; Ra, IH; Cho, GH; Puthal, D
2020-01-01Privacy-preserving cooperative localization in vehicular edge computing infrastructureChandra Shit, R; Sharma, S; Watters, P; Yelamarthi, K; Pradhan, B; Davison, R; Morgan, G; Puthal, D
2019-12-10Editorial to the Special Issue on Recent Advances on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and CommunicationsNanda, P; Puthal, D; Mohanty, SP
2019-12-09A Novel Multi-Path Anonymous Randomized Key Distribution Scheme for Geo Distributed NetworksNanda, A; Nanda, P; Obaidat, M; He, X; Puthal, D
2019-10-01Ubiquitous Localization (UbiLoc): A Survey and Taxonomy on Device Free Localization for Smart WorldShit, RC; Sharma, S; Puthal, D; James, P; Pradhan, B; Moorsel, AV; Zomaya, AY; Ranjan, R
2019-09-01SEEN: A Selective Encryption Method to Ensure Confidentiality for Big Sensing Data StreamsPuthal, D; Wu, X; Surya, N; Ranjan, R; Chen, J
2019-08-01Internet of Autonomous Vehicles Communications Security: Overview, Issues, and DirectionsNanda, A; Puthal, D; Rodrigues, JJPC; Kozlov, SA
2019-08-01PMsec: Physical Unclonable Function-Based Robust and Lightweight Authentication in the Internet of Medical ThingsYanambaka, VP; Mohanty, SP; Kougianos, E; Puthal, D
2019-05-01Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Consumer Applications: New Applications in Current and Future Smart EnvironmentsKumar, N; Puthal, D; Theocharides, T; Mohanty, SP
2019-05-01Fog Computing Security Challenges and Future Directions [Energy and Security]Puthal, D; Mohanty, SP; Bhavake, SA; Morgan, G; Ranjan, R
2019-04-01Lattice-modeled information flow control of big sensing data streams for smart health applicationPuthal, D
2019-03-20S2R: Service trading based response time optimization in mobile edge computingMishra, P; Tiwary, M; Yang, LT; Puthal, D
2019-03-12A predictive load balancing technique for software defined networked cloud servicesYang, CT; Chen, ST; Liu, JC; Su, YW; Puthal, D; Ranjan, R
2019-03-06Proof-of-Authentication for Scalable Blockchain in Resource-Constrained Distributed SystemsPuthal, D; Mohanty, SP; Nanda, P; Kougianos, E; Das, G
2019-02-01Secure authentication and load balancing of distributed edge datacentersPuthal, D; Ranjan, R; Nanda, A; Nanda, P; Jayaraman, PP; Zomaya, AY