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2023-12-15A systematic review of battery thermal management systems based on heat pipesFathoni, AM; Putra, N; Mahlia, TMI
2023-09-15Zoning and activity-based post occupancy evaluation of multipurpose auditorium in campus facilityDewi, OC; Putra, N; Yatim, A; Mahlia, TMI; Rahmasari, K; Hanjani, T; Siregar, R; Rangin, B; Izzatur, N
2022-01-01Effect of Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> and TiO<inf>2</inf> nano-coated wick on the thermal performance of heat pipeSeptiadi, WN; Iswari, GA; Sudarsana, PB; Putra, GJP; Febraldo, D; Putra, N; Mahlia, TMI
2021-08Experimental analysis of natural wax as phase change material by thermal cycling test using thermoelectric systemTrisnadewi, T; Kusrini, E; Nurjaya, DM; Putra, N; Mahlia, TMI
2021-03-01Utilizing heat pipe heat exchanger to reduce the energy consumption of airborne infection isolation hospital room HVAC systemSukarno, R; Putra, N; Hakim, II; Rachman, FF; Indra Mahlia, TM
2020-11-01Thermal properties of sonicated graphene in coconut oil as a phase change material for energy storage in building applicationsSafira, L; Putra, N; Trisnadewi, T; Kusrini, E; Mahlia, TMI
2020-10-01Performance of beeswax phase change material (PCM) and heat pipe as passive battery cooling system for electric vehiclesPutra, N; Sandi, AF; Ariantara, B; Abdullah, N; Indra Mahlia, TM
2020-07-22Multi-stage heat-pipe heat exchanger for improving energy efficiency of the HVAC system in a hospital operating room 1Sukarno, R; Putra, N; Hakim, II; Rachman, FF; Mahlia, TMI
2020-07-14Withering of tea leaves using heat pipe heat exchanger by utilizing low-temperature geothermal energyGunawan, Y; Putra, N; Hakim, II; Agustina, D; Mahlia, TMI
2019-12-07Energy-related CO<inf>2</inf> emissions growth in ASEAN countries: Trends, drivers and policy implicationsSandu, S; Yang, M; Mahlia, TMI; Wongsapai, W; Ong, HC; Putra, N; Ashrafur Rahman, SM
2019-08-17Phase change materials (PCM) for solar energy usages and storage: An overviewMofijur, M; Mahlia, TMI; Silitonga, AS; Ong, HC; Silakhori, M; Hasan, MH; Putra, N; Ashrafur Rahman, SM
2019-04-01Development of a novel thermoelectric module based device for thermal stability measurement of phase change materialsPutra, N; Hakim, II; Erwin, FP; Abdullah, NA; Ariantara, B; Amin, M; Mahlia, TMI; Kusrini, E
2019-02-01Preparation of beeswax/multi-walled carbon nanotubes as novel shape-stable nanocomposite phase-change material for thermal energy storagePutra, N; Rawi, S; Amin, M; Kusrini, E; Kosasih, EA; Indra Mahlia, TM
2017-02-05Thermal properties of beeswax/graphene phase change material as energy storage for building applicationsAmin, M; Putra, N; Kosasih, EA; Prawiro, E; Luanto, RA; Mahlia, TMI
-Investigation on the Performance of a Wickless-Heat Pipe Using Graphene Nanofluid for Passive Cooling SystemKusuma, MH; Putra, N; Rosidi, A; Ismarwanti, S; Antariksawan, AR; Ardiyati, T; Juarsa, M; Mahlia, TMI