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1-Oct-2016Effects of chitosan and salicylic acid on stemona alkaloid production in hydroponic culture of stemona curtisii Hook. f.Palee, J; Dheeranupattana, S; Wangkarn, S; Pyne, SG; Ung, AT
Jan-2013Inhibition of P-Glycoprotein Mediated Multidrug Resistance by Stemofoline DerivativesUmsumarng, S; Pintha, K; Pitchakarn, P; Sastraruji, K; Sastraruji, T; Ung, AT; Jatisatienr, A; Pyne, SG; Limtrakul, P
Jan-2012Synthesis of stemofoline analogues as acetylcholinesterase inhibitorsSastraruji, K; Sastraruji, T; Ung, AT; Griffith, R; Jatisatienr, A; Pyne, SG
Jan-2012Influence of Plantlet Age and Different Soilless Culture on Acclimatization of Stemona curtisii Hook.f.Palee, J; Dheeranupattana, S; Jatisatienr, A; Wangkarn, S; Mungkornasawakul, P; Pyne, SG; Ung, AT; Sastraruji, T
Jan-2012Oxidation of acyclic alkenes and allyl and benzyl ethers with DIB/t-BuOOH/Mg(OAc)2Sastraruji, T; Pyne, SG; Ung, AT
Jan-2011Phytochemical Studies on Stemona aphylla: Isolation of a New Stemofoline Alkaloid and Six New StemofuransSastraruji, T; Chaiyong, S; Jatisatienr, A; Pyne, SG; Ung, AT; Lie, W
Jan-2011Synthesis of 2-acetyl-5-(1,2,3,4,5,6-hexahydroxyhexyl) thiazolesUng, AT; Pyne, SG; Joeffreys, G; Skelton, BW; White, AH
Jan-2010Synthesis of 2'-Aminoalkyl-1-benzylisoquinoline derivatives, medium sized ring analogues with mu opiod receptor binding activitiesMbere-Nguyen, U; Ung, AT; Pyne, SG
Jan-2010Semi-Synthesis and Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitory Activity of Stemofoline Alkaloids and AnalogsSastraruji, K; Sastraruji, T; Pyne, SG; Ung, AT; Jatisatienr, A; Lie, W
Jan-2010Phytochemical Investigations of Stemona curtisii and Synthetic Studies on StemocurtisineChaiyong, S; Jatisatienr, A; Mungkornasawakul, P; Sastraruji, T; Pyne, SG; Ung, AT; Urathamakul, T; Lie, W
Jan-2009The synthesis of carbon-linked bisbenzylisoquinolines via ruthenium- mediated olefin-metathesisMbere-Nguyen, U; Ung, AT; Pyne, SG
Jan-2009The synthesis of carbon linked bis-benzylisoquinolines using Mizoroki-Heck and Sonagashira coupling reactionsBatenburg-Nguyen, U; Ung, AT; Pyne, SG
Jan-2009Structural Revision of Stemoburkilline from an E-Alkene to a Z-AlkeneSastraruji, K; Pyne, SG; Ung, AT; Mungkornasawakul, P; Lie, W; Jatisatienr, A
Jan-2009Semisynthesis and Biological Activity of Stemofoline AlkaloidsBaird, MC; Pyne, SG; Ung, AT; Lie, W; Sastraruji, T; Jatisatienr, A; Jatisatienr, C; Dheeranupattana, S; Lowlam, J; Boonchalermkit, S
Jan-2009Alkaloids from the Roots of Stemona aphyllaMungkornasawakul, P; Chaiyong, S; Sastraruji, T; Jatisatienr, A; Jatisatienr, C; Pyne, SG; Ung, AT; Korth, J; Lie, W
Jan-2009Stemofoline ethyl acetate solvate.Mungkornasawakul, P; Pyne, SG; Ung, AT; Jatisatienr, A; Willis, AC
Jan-2007Characterization Of Salmonella Typhimurium Yegs, A Putative Lipid Kinase Homologous To Eukaryotic Sphingosine And Diacylglycerol KinasesNichols, C; Lamb, H; Lockyer, M; Charles, IG; Pyne, SG; Hawkins, A; Stammers, D
Jan-2007Synthesis of novel 30-spirocyclic-oxindole derivatives and assessment of their cytostatic activitiesYong, SR; Ung, AT; Pyne, SG; Skelton, BW; White, AH
Jan-2007The pyrido[1,2-a]azepine Stemona alkaloidsPyne, SG; Ung, AT; Jatisatienr, A; Mungkornasawakul, P
Jan-2007Syntheses of spiro[cyclopropane-1,3'-oxindole]-2-carboxylic acid and cyclopropa[c]quinoline-7b-carboxylic acid and their derivativesYong, SR; Ung, AT; Pyne, SG; Skelton, BW; White, AH