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2023-01-01Stability improvement and the mechanism of a microbial electrolysis cell biocathode for treating wastewater containing sulfate by quorum sensingShi, K; Cheng, W; Cheng, D; Xue, J; Qiao, Y; Gao, Y; Jiang, Q; Wang, J
2022-11-04Insights into the effects of operating parameters on sulfate reduction performance and microbial pathways in the anaerobic sequencing batch reactor.Xue, J; Yao, Y; Li, W; Shi, K; Ma, G; Qiao, Y; Cheng, D; Jiang, Q
2022-10-01Oil degradation ability difference and microbial community successions by Ochrobactrum and Shewanella in different oil-polluted seawaterShi, K; Yang, Y; Qiao, Y; Jiang, Q; Cheng, D; Xue, J
2022-10Insight of the bio-cathode biofilm construction in microbial electrolysis cell dealing with sulfate-containing wastewater.Shi, K; Cheng, W; Jiang, Q; Xue, J; Qiao, Y; Cheng, D
2022-08-11Average-case algorithms for testing isomorphism of polynomials, algebras, and multilinear formsTang, G; Qiao, Y; Grochow, JA
2022-06-21Air pollution perception in ten countries during the COVID-19 pandemicLou, B; Barbieri, DM; Passavanti, M; Hui, C; Gupta, A; Hoff, I; Lessa, DA; Sikka, G; Chang, K; Fang, K; Lam, L; Maharaj, B; Ghasemi, N; Qiao, Y; Adomako, S; Foroutan Mirhosseini, A; Naik, B; Banerjee, A; Wang, F; Tucker, A; Liu, Z; Wijayaratna, K; Naseri, S; Yu, L; Chen, H; Shu, B; Goswami, S; Peprah, P; Hessami, A; Abbas, M; Agarwal, N
2022-06-01One-Shot Learning-Based Animal Video SegmentationXue, T; Qiao, Y; Kong, H; Su, D; Pan, S; Rafique, K; Sukkarieh, S
2022-05-25Practical Post-Quantum Signature Schemes from Isomorphism Problems of Trilinear FormsTang, G; Duong, DH; Joux, A; Plantard, T; Qiao, Y; Susilo, W
2022-04-01Responses of seawater bacteria in the bioremediation process of petroleum contamination by immobilized bacteriaXue, J; Liu, Y; Shi, K; Qiao, Y; Cheng, D; Bai, Y; Shen, C; Jiang, Q
2022-01-01Heterogeneous Multi-commodity Network Flows over TimeLi, Y; Bei, X; Qiao, Y; Tao, D; Chen, Z
2022-01-01Symbolic Determinant Identity Testing and Non-Commutative Ranks of Matrix Lie AlgebrasIvanyos, G; Mittal, T; Qiao, Y
2022-01-01Dual-AI: Dual-path Actor Interaction Learning for Group Activity RecognitionHan, M; Zhang, DJ; Wang, Y; Yan, R; Yao, L; Chang, X; Qiao, Y
2022-01-01Interaction of the concentration of S<sup>2–</sup>, SO<inf>4</inf><sup>2–</sup> and microbial community by controlling nitrogen stripping during sulfate-rich wastewater treatmentShi, K; Jiang, Q; Qiao, Y; Xue, J; Yao, Y; Niu, L; Sun, S; Cheng, D; Huang, J
2022The Isomorphism Problem for Plain Groups Is in ∑₃PElder, M; Dietrich, H; Piggott, A; Qiao, Y; Berenbrink, P; Monmege, B
2021-12-20Fire-Retardant, Stable-Cycling and High-Safety Sodium Ion Battery.Yang, Z; He, J; Lai, W-H; Peng, J; Liu, X-H; He, X-X; Guo, X-F; Li, L; Qiao, Y; Ma, J-M; Wu, M; Chou, S-L
2021-12-10Analyses of community structure and role of immobilized bacteria system in the bioremediation process of diesel pollution seawater.Fu, X; Qiao, Y; Xue, J; Cheng, D; Chen, C; Bai, Y; Jiang, Q
2021-12-01On the Baer–Lovász–Tutte construction of groups from graphs: Isomorphism types and homomorphism notionsHe, X; Qiao, Y
2021-11-01Enumerating alternating matrix spaces over finite fields with explicit coordinatesQiao, Y
2021-10-03The isomorphism problem for plain groups is in $Σ_3^{\mathsf{P}}$Dietrich, H; Elder, M; Piggott, A; Qiao, Y; Weiß, A
2021-09-13Symbolic determinant identity testing and non-commutative ranks of matrix Lie algebrasIvanyos, G; Mittal, T; Qiao, Y