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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-05-31A Low Profile Modulated Metasurface Antenna for Multi-Beam ApplicationsWen, Y; Qin, P-Y; Guo, YJ
2023-05-31Reconfigurable Dual-Layer Unit Cell Based Beam Steering TransmitarrayWang, X; Qin, P-Y; Guo, YJ; Gupta, K
2023-03-13A Multi-Beam Antenna Based on Modulated MetasurfaceWen, Y; Qin, P-Y; Jay Guo, Y
2022-11-03Yagi-Uda Monopoles with Elevated-Angle Suppression for Endfire RadiationWen, Y; Qin, P-Y
2022-11-03E-Band Multibeam Conformal Transmitarrays for Beyond 5G Wireless NetworksSong, L-Z; Qin, P-Y; Du, J
2022-02-16Low RCS Transmitarray Using Phase Controllabe RasorberWang, X; Jin, R; Qin, P-Y; Ding, C
2022-01-03Millimetre-Wave Multi-Beam Shaped Transmitarray with A Wide Beam CoverageQin, P-Y; Guo, YJ
2021-12-10A Wideband Low-Profile Fabry-Perot Antenna Employing a Multi-Resonant Metasurface Based SuperstrateBah, AO; Guo, YJ; Qin, P-Y; Bird, TS
2021-11-261-Bit Reconfigurable Huygens Element for Beam-Steering TransmitarraysWang, X; Qin, P-Y; Guo, YJ
2021-04-27A Review on Conformal TransmitarraysSong, L-Z; Qin, P-Y; Guo, YJ
2021-02A High-Efficiency Conformal Transmitarray Antenna Employing Dual-Layer Ultrathin Huygens ElementSong, L-Z; Qin, P-Y; Guo, YJ
2021-01-01E-band Wide-Angle Multi-Beam Shaped TransmitarraySong, L-Z; Qin, P-Y; Jay Guo, Y
2020Low RCS Transmitarray Employing Phase Controllable Absorptive Frequency-Selective Transmission ElementsWang, X; Qin, P-Y; Jin, R
20191-D Electronic Beam-Steering Partially Reflective Surface AntennaJi, L-Y; Qin, P-Y; Li, J-Y; Zhang, L-X
2015A Wideband-to-Narrowband Tunable Antenna Using A Reconfigurable FilterQin, P-Y; Wei, F; Guo, Y