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2023-03-01Degradation Mode Knowledge Transfer Method for LFP BatteriesLu, X; Qiu, J; Lei, G; Zhu, J
2022-05-01A Human-Machine Reinforcement Learning Method for Cooperative Energy ManagementTao, Y; Qiu, J; Lai, S; Zhang, X; Wang, Y; Wang, G
2022-02-15Scenarios modelling for forecasting day-ahead electricity prices: Case studies in AustraliaLu, X; Qiu, J; Lei, G; Zhu, J
2022-01-15Robust energy systems scheduling considering uncertainties and demand side emission impactsWang, Y; Qiu, J; Tao, Y
2022-01-01Entirely Reversible Photochromic Glass with High Coloration and Luminescence Contrast for 3D Optical StorageZhao, H; Cun, Y; Bai, X; Xiao, D; Qiu, J; Song, Z; Liao, J; Yang, Z
2021-12-01Defect engineering in lanthanide doped luminescent materialsZhou, J; Zheng, G; Liu, X; Dong, G; Qiu, J
2021-06-26Planning strategy of fast-charging stations in coupled transportation and distribution systems considering human health impactZhang, H; Qiu, J; Wang, Y
2021-01-08Hierarchical operation planning based on carbon-constrained locational marginal price for integrated energy systemCheng, X; Zheng, Y; Lin, Y; Chen, L; Wang, Y; Qiu, J
2020-12-01Self-detoxifying hollow zinc silica nanospheres with tunable Ag ion release-recapture capability: A nanoantibiotic for efficient MRSA inhibitionWu, H; Tian, H; Li, J; Liu, L; Wang, Y; Qiu, J; Wang, S; Liu, S
2019-01-01Location privacy in device-dependent location-based services: Challenges and solutionWang, Y; Sun, Y; Su, S; Tian, Z; Li, M; Qiu, J; Wang, X
2018-08-01Transparent glass-ceramics functionalized by dispersed crystalsLiu, X; Zhou, J; Zhou, S; Yue, Y; Qiu, J
2017-08-16Integrated Strategy for High Luminescence Intensity of Upconversion NanocrystalsYang, Y; Zhu, Y; Zhou, J; Wang, F; Qiu, J
2017-01-01A volumetric full-color display realized by frequency upconversion of a transparent composite incorporating dispersed nonlinear optical crystalsZhu, B; Qian, B; Liu, Y; Xu, C; Liu, C; Chen, Q; Zhou, J; Liu, X; Qiu, J
2016-08-01Enhanced Multiphoton Upconversion in Single Nanowires by Waveguiding ExcitationZhou, J; Gu, F; Liu, X; Qiu, J
2016-01-01Magnetic field enhanced upconversion luminescence and magnetic-optical hysteresis behaviors in NaYF<inf>4</inf>: Yb, Ho nanoparticlesChen, P; Zhong, Z; Jia, H; Zhou, J; Han, J; Liu, X; Qiu, J
2015-07-30Magnetic field modulated upconversion luminescence in NaYF<inf>4</inf>:Yb,Er nanoparticlesChen, P; Jia, H; Zhong, Z; Han, J; Guo, Q; Zhou, J; Liu, X; Qiu, J
2015-04-21Polarization modulated upconversion luminescence: Single particle vs. few-particle aggregatesChen, P; Song, M; Wu, E; Wu, B; Zhou, J; Zeng, H; Liu, X; Qiu, J
2015-03-21Fabrication of the (Y<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>:Yb-Er)/Bi<inf>2</inf>S<inf>3</inf> composite film for near-infrared photoresponseJia, H; Ping, C; Xu, C; Zhou, J; Sang, X; Wang, J; Liu, C; Liu, X; Qiu, J
2015-01-14Intense multiphoton upconversion of Yb<sup>3+</sup>-Tm<sup>3+</sup> doped β-NaYF<inf>4</inf> individual nanocrystals by saturation excitationZhou, J; Chen, G; Zhu, Y; Huo, L; Mao, W; Zou, D; Sun, X; Wu, E; Zeng, H; Zhang, J; Zhang, L; Qiu, J; Xu, S
2015-01-01Upconversion luminescence behavior of single nanoparticlesZhou, J; Xu, S; Zhang, J; Qiu, J