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2024-01Refracto-vibrometry for active control of sound radiation through an openingXiao, T; Halkon, B; Wang, S; Oberst, S; Qiu, X
2023-12-01On Time–Frequency Domain Flexible Structure of Delayless Partitioned Block Adaptive Filtering Approach for Active Noise ControlPradhan, S; Qiu, X; Ji, J
2023-01Transmission loss and directivity of sound transmitted through a slit on ground.Wang, S; Yang, Z; Tao, J; Qiu, X; Burnett, IS
2022-11-01Heavy metal habitat: A novel framework for mapping heavy metal contamination over large-scale catchment with a species distribution modelLi, J; Xie, Z; Qiu, X; Yu, Q; Bu, J; Sun, Z; Long, R; Brandis, KJ; He, J; Feng, Q; Ramp, D
2022-11A study on coherence between virtual signal and physical signals in remote acoustic sensing.Zhang, P; Wang, S; Duan, H; Tao, J; Zou, H; Qiu, X
2022-10-01Acoustic absorption of ultralight graphene-based cellular monolithsXie, K; Cao, Y; He, Z; Wang, K; Ding, J; MacGillivray, I; Skvortsov, A; Qiu, X; Li, D
2022-07-01Association of Assisted Reproductive Technology With Offspring Growth and Adiposity From Infancy to Early Adulthood.Elhakeem, A; Taylor, AE; Inskip, HM; Huang, J; Tafflet, M; Vinther, JL; Asta, F; Erkamp, JS; Gagliardi, L; Guerlich, K; Halliday, J; Harskamp-van Ginkel, MW; He, J-R; Jaddoe, VWV; Lewis, S; Maher, GM; Manios, Y; Mansell, T; McCarthy, FP; McDonald, SW; Medda, E; Nisticò, L; de Moira, AP; Popovic, M; Reiss, IKM; Rodrigues, C; Salika, T; Smith, A; Stazi, MA; Walker, C; Wu, M; Åsvold, BO; Barros, H; Brescianini, S; Burgner, D; Chan, JKY; Charles, M-A; Eriksson, JG; Gaillard, R; Grote, V; Håberg, SE; Heude, B; Koletzko, B; Morton, S; Moschonis, G; Murray, D; O'Mahony, D; Porta, D; Qiu, X; Richiardi, L; Rusconi, F; Saffery, R; Tough, SC; Vrijkotte, TGM; Nelson, SM; Nybo Andersen, A-M; Magnus, MC; Lawlor, DA; Assisted Reproductive Technology and Future Health (ART-Health) Cohort Collaboration,
2022-04-01A natural ventilation window for transformer noise control based on coiled-up silencers consisting of coupled tubesWang, S; Tao, J; Qiu, X; Burnett, IS
2022-03Scattering by a rigid sphere of audio sound generated by a parametric array loudspeaker.Zhong, J; Kirby, R; Karimi, M; Zou, H; Qiu, X
2022-03Improving the performance of an active staggered window with multiple resonant absorbers.Wang, S; Tao, J; Qiu, X; Burnett, IS
2022-02Quiet zone generation in an acoustic free field using multiple parametric array loudspeakers.Zhong, J; Zhuang, T; Kirby, R; Karimi, M; Zou, H; Qiu, X
2022-01-01Low Frequency Audio Sound Field Generated by a Focusing Parametric Array LoudspeakerZhong, J; Zhuang, T; Kirby, R; Karimi, M; Qiu, X; Zou, H; Lu, J
2021-11An experimental study on transfer function estimation using acoustic modelling and singular value decomposition.Zhu, Q; Qiu, X; Coleman, P; Burnett, I
2021-06-04Classification of transfer modes in gas metal arc welding using acoustic signal analysisCullen, M; Zhao, S; Ji, J; Qiu, X
2021-04Insertion loss of regular finite cylinder arrays with porous layers between the rows.Jena, DP; Qiu, X
2021-03-18Broadband noise insulation of windows using coiled-up silencers consisting of coupled tubesWang, S; Tao, J; Qiu, X; Burnett, IS
2021-03The near field, Westervelt far field, and inverse-law far field of the audio sound generated by parametric array loudspeakers.Zhong, J; Kirby, R; Qiu, X
2021-01-15A lumped-parameter model for sound generation in gas metal arc weldingZhao, S; Qiu, X; Burnett, I; Rigby, M; Lele, A
2021-01-01An Experimental Study on Virtual Sound Barrier Performance in WorkplacesZhao, S; Qiu, X