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1-Dec-2017Guest Editorial: Selected Papers from the 23rd ITS World Congress, Melbourne 2016Qu, X; Mao, G
19-Nov-2017Advances in Modelling Connected and Automated VehiclesQu, X; Li, X; Wang, M; Dixit, V
1-Nov-2017A recurrent neural network based microscopic car following model to predict traffic oscillationZhou, M; Qu, X; Li, X
7-Aug-2017Will higher traffic flow lead to more traffic conflicts? A crash surrogate metric based analysis.Kuang, Y; Qu, X; Yan, Y
19-May-2017Weekly container delivery patterns in liner shipping planning modelsWang, S; Liu, Z; Qu, X
1-Apr-2017Station choice for Australian commuter rail lines: Equilibrium and optimal fare designWang, S; Qu, X
24-Jan-2017Recent advances in molecular biomarkers for diabetes mellitus: a systematic review.Lees, T; Nassif, N; Simpson, A; Shad-Kaneez, F; Martiniello-Wilks, R; Lin, Y; Jones, A; Qu, X; Lal, S
Sep-2016Characterisation of Bone Beneficial Components from Australian Wallaby BoneLao, W; Jin, X; Tan, Y; Xiao, L; Padula, M; Bishop, D; Reedy, B; Ong, M; Kamal, M; Qu, X
1-Apr-2016A novel phase-aligned analysis on motion patterns of table tennis strokesZhang, Z; Halkon, B; Chou, SM; Qu, X
1-Jan-2016Minimax regret model for liner shipping fleet deployment with uncertain demandWang, S; Liu, Z; Qu, X
1-Jan-2016Optimal allocation of tunnel safety provisions based on a quantitative risk assessment modelLi, P; Qu, X
Jan-2016Optimal management for alcoholic liver disease: Conventional medications, natural therapy or combination?Kim, M-S; Ong, M; Qu, X
16-Oct-2015An improved multi-value cellular automata model for heterogeneous bicycle traffic flowJin, S; Qu, X; Xu, C; Ma, D; Wang, D
1-Aug-2015Development of a maximum likelihood regression tree-based model for predicting subway incident delayWeng, J; Zheng, Y; Qu, X; Yan, X
1-Aug-2015Estimation of the perceived value of transit time for containerized cargoesWang, S; Qu, X; Yang, Y
10-Jul-2015Successful Treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Infertility with Chinese Herbal Medicine: A Case ReportQu, X; Ong, M
1-Jul-2015Estimating cycleway capacity and bicycle equivalent unit for electric bicyclesJin, S; Qu, X; Zhou, D; Xu, C; Ma, D; Wang, D
1-May-2015Effects of cordycepin on the microglia-overactivation-induced impairments of growth and development of hippocampal cultured neurons.Peng, J; Wang, P; Ge, H; Qu, X; Jin, X
Apr-2015A tree-structured crash surrogate measure for freeways.Kuang, Y; Qu, X; Wang, S
Apr-2015In-depth analysis of drivers' merging behavior and rear-end crash risks in work zone merging areas.Weng, J; Xue, S; Yang, Y; Yan, X; Qu, X