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2021-08Machine learning and network-based models to identify genetic risk factors to the progression and survival of colorectal cancer.Hossain, MJ; Chowdhury, UN; Islam, MB; Uddin, S; Ahmed, MB; Quinn, JMW; Moni, MA
2021-07-31Machine Learning Approaches to Identify Patient Comorbidities and Symptoms That Increased Risk of Mortality in COVID-19Aktar, S; Talukder, A; Ahamad, MM; Kamal, AHM; Khan, JR; Protikuzzaman, M; Hossain, N; Azad, AKM; Quinn, JMW; Summers, MA; Liaw, T; Eapen, V; Moni, MA
2019-10-01A computational approach to identify blood cell-expressed Parkinson's disease biomarkers that are coordinately expressed in brain tissueMoni, MA; Rana, HK; Islam, MB; Ahmed, MB; Xu, H; Hasan, MAM; Lei, Y; Quinn, JMW
2019-05-01Genetic effects of welding fumes on the development of respiratory system diseasesRana, HK; Akhtar, MR; Islam, MB; Ahmed, MB; Liò, P; Quinn, JMW; Huq, F; Moni, MA
2019-03-01Genetic effects of welding fumes on the progression of neurodegenerative diseasesRana, HK; Akhtar, MR; Ahmed, MB; Liò, P; Quinn, JMW; Huq, F; Moni, MA
2017-10-03A RhoA-FRET Biosensor Mouse for Intravital Imaging in Normal Tissue Homeostasis and Disease Contexts.Nobis, M; Herrmann, D; Warren, SC; Kadir, S; Leung, W; Killen, M; Magenau, A; Stevenson, D; Lucas, MC; Reischmann, N; Vennin, C; Conway, JRW; Boulghourjian, A; Zaratzian, A; Law, AM; Gallego-Ortega, D; Ormandy, CJ; Walters, SN; Grey, ST; Bailey, J; Chtanova, T; Quinn, JMW; Baldock, PA; Croucher, PI; Schwarz, JP; Mrowinska, A; Zhang, L; Herzog, H; Masedunskas, A; Hardeman, EC; Gunning, PW; Del Monte-Nieto, G; Harvey, RP; Samuel, MS; Pajic, M; McGhee, EJ; Johnsson, A-KE; Sansom, OJ; Welch, HCE; Morton, JP; Strathdee, D; Anderson, KI; Timpson, P