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2023-08-24The challenges of researching place in informal settlementsQuintana Vigiola, G; Kamalipour, H; Aelbrecht, P; Peimani, N
2022-11-08Understanding Place in Place-Based Planning: From Space- to People-Centred ApproachesQuintana Vigiola, G
2022-07-19Australian State of the Environment report - urban chapterQuintana Vigiola, G
2022Informal housing and residents’ well-being in Caracas and Sydney: a comparative study of residents’ experiencesQuintana Vigiola, G
2021-09-15Decarbonising Australian housing: policy, problems, profiles of current stock and progressWilkinson, S; Ghosh, S; Quintana Vigiola, G
2021-04-15Barrio morphology and private space: the social drivers of informal urban settlements in CaracasQuintana Vigiola, G
2017-07-11Understanding the boundaries and inclusiveness of urban spaces of Caracas’ barrios through territorial transferral processQuintana Vigiola, G
2015Urban morphology and cultural expressions: Qualitative methods to understand the city's dynamic in a self-built area in Caracas, VenezuelaQuintana Vigiola, G; Silva, EA; Healey, P; Harris, N; Broeck, PVD
-Territorial implications of criminality and religiosity in Caracas’s barriosQuintana Vigiola, G
-Housing Provision for Women Experiencing Domestic and Family Violence in NSW during COVID-19Quintana Vigiola, G; Donnelly, S; Wan, K
-Reimagining the Future of the Sydney CBD: Reflecting on Covid-19-Driven Changes in Commercial and Residential Property TrendsQuintana Vigiola, G; Cilliers, J; Lozano-Paredes, LH