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2023-12Complex interactions between diverse mobile genetic elements drive the evolution of metal-resistant bacterial genomes.Mahbub, KR; Chénard, C; Batinovic, S; Petrovski, S; Lauro, FM; Rahman, MH; Megharaj, M; Franks, AE; Labbate, M
2023-04-22RF-Enabled Deep-Learning-Assisted Drone Detection and Identification: An End-to-End Approach.Alam, SS; Chakma, A; Rahman, MH; Bin Mofidul, R; Alam, MM; Utama, IBKY; Jang, YM
2022-05-16Protozoal food vacuoles enhance transformation in Vibrio cholerae through SOS-regulated DNA integration.Rahman, MH; Mahbub, KR; Espinoza-Vergara, G; Ritchie, A; Hoque, MM; Noorian, P; Cole, L; McDougald, D; Labbate, M
2021-10-15Adaptation to an amoeba host drives selection of virulence-associated traits in Vibrio cholerae.Hoque, MM; Noorian, P; Espinoza-Vergara, G; Manuneedhi Cholan, P; Kim, M; Rahman, MH; Labbate, M; Rice, SA; Pernice, M; Oehlers, SH; McDougald, D
2021-08Dynamics of the Sydney rock oyster microbiota before and during a QX disease eventNguyen, VK; King, WL; Siboni, N; Mahbub, KR; Rahman, MH; Jenkins, C; Dove, M; O'Connor, W; Seymour, JR; Labbate, M
2021-07-12State-of-the-Art of Establishing Test Procedures for Real Driving Gaseous Emissions from Light- and Heavy-Duty VehiclesRahman, SMA; Fattah, IMR; Ong, HC; Ashik, FR; Hassan, MM; Murshed, MT; Imran, MA; Rahman, MH; Rahman, MA; Hasan, MAM; Mahlia, TMI
2019-11-01Barriers to green supply chain management: An emerging economy contextTumpa, TJ; Ali, SM; Rahman, MH; Paul, SK; Chowdhury, P; Rehman Khan, SA
2019-02-01A grey approach to predicting healthcare performanceRahman, MH; Tumpa, TJ; Ali, SM; Paul, SK
2018-01-20Drivers to sustainable manufacturing practices and circular economy: A perspective of leather industries in BangladeshMoktadir, MA; Rahman, T; Rahman, MH; Ali, SM; Paul, SK
2018-01-01Examining price and service competition among retailers in a supply chain under potential demand disruptionAli, SM; Rahman, MH; Tumpa, TJ; Moghul Rifat, AA; Paul, SK