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2020-06-01An overview of unbalance compensation techniques using power electronic converters for active distribution systems with renewable generationRafi FHM; Hossain MJ; Rahman MS; Taghizadeh S
2020-06-01Conversion of lignocellulosic corn agro-waste into cellulose derivative and its potential application as pharmaceutical excipientRahman MS; Mondal MIH; Yeasmin MS; Abu Sayeed M; Hossain MA; Ahmed MB
2020-04-01Advanced treatment technologies efficacies and mechanism of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances removal from waterAhmed MB; Alam MM; Zhou JL; Xu B; Johir MAH; Karmakar AK; Rahman MS; Hossen J; Hasan ATMK; Moni MA
2020-03-01A Vehicle-to-Microgrid Framework with Optimization-Incorporated Distributed EV Coordination for a Commercial NeighborhoodRahman MS; Hossain MJ; Lu J; Rafi FHM; Mishra S
2020-03-01Real-Time Load and Ancillary Support for a Remote Island Power System Using Electric BoatsMahmud K; Rahman MS; Ravishankar J; Hossain MJ; Guerrero JM
2020-03-01A QoS-Aware Data Collection Protocol for LLNs in Fog-Enabled Internet of ThingsSanwar Hosen ASMS; Singh S; Sharma PK; Rahman MS; Ra IH; Cho GH; Puthal D
2020Impact Assessment of Credible Contingency and Cyber Attack on Australian 14-Generator Interconnected Power SystemAmin BMR; Rahman MS; Hossain MJ
2019-06-01Advanced power routing framework for optimal economic operation and control of solar photovoltaic-based islanded microgridMahmud MAP; Hossain MJ; Nizami MSH; Rahman MS; Farjana SH; Huda N; Lang C