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22-Nov-2016Reading the High Court at a Distance: Topic Modelling the Legal Subject Matter And Judicial Activity of the High Court of Australia, 1903–2015Carter, DJ; Brown, J; Rahmani, A
27-May-2016Challenges of the preceptors working with new nurses: A phenomenological research study.Valizadeh, S; Borimnejad, L; Rahmani, A; Gholizadeh, L; Shahbazi, S
Sep-2015Effects of a self-care education program on quality of life of patients with gastric cancer after gastrectomyDavoodi, A; Gholizadeh, L; Rezazadeh, H; Sheikalipour, Z; Lakdizaji, S; Mirinajad, K; Rahmani, A
Jan-2014Fear of cancer recurrence and its predictive factors among Iranian cancer patientsAghdam, AM; Rahmani, A; Nejad, ZK; Ferguson, C; Mohammadpoorasl, A; Sanaat, Z
Jan-2014The attitude of Iranian nurses about do not resuscitate ordersMogadasian, S; Abdollahazadeh, F; Rahmani, A; Ferguson, C; Pakanzad, F; Pakpour, V; Heidarzadeh, H
Jan-2014Viewpoints of fertile women on gestational surrogacy in East Azerbaijan Province, IranRahmani, A; Howard, F; Sattarzadeh, N; Ferguson, C; Asgari, A; Ebrahimi, H
3-Dec-2013Discrete dipole approximation in time domain through the Laplace transform.Chaumet, PC; Zhang, T; Rahmani, A; Gralak, B; Belkebir, K
30-Jan-2013Invisibility and supervisibility: Radiation dynamics in a discrete electromagnetic cloakRahmani, A; Steel, MJ; Chaumet, PC
Jan-2013Optical binding of magnetodielectric Rayleigh particlesChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A
Jan-2013The taboo of cancer: the experiences of cancer disclosure by Iranian patients, their family members and physiciansZamanzadeh, V; Rahmani, A; Valizadeh, L; Ferguson, C; Hassankhani, H; Nikanfar, A; Howard, F
2013Discrete dipole approximation in time domain through the Laplace transformChaumet, P; Zhang, T; Rahmani, A; Gralak, B; Belkebir, K
3-May-2012Radiation dynamics in a magneto-dielectric metamaterial cylinderPoulton, CG; Rahmani, A; Steel, MJ
Jan-2012Extraordinary blueshift of a photonic crystal nanocavity by reducing its mode volume with an opaque microtipGrosjean, T; El Eter, A; Mivelle, M; Vo, T; Belkhir, A; Ecoffey, C; Le Gac, G; Nedeljkovic, D; Rahmani, A; Seassal, C; Callard, S; Baida, F
Jan-2012Near-Field Probing Of Slow Bloch Modes On Photonic Crystals With A NanoantennaVo, T; Mivelle, M; Callard, S; Rahmani, A; Baida, F; Charraut, D; Belarouci, A; Nedeljkovic, D; Seassal, C; Burr, G; Grosjean, T
Jan-2012Posttraumatic Growth in Iranian Cancer PatientsRahmani, A; Mohammadian, R; Ferguson, C; Gholizadeh, L; Zirak, M; Chavoshi, H
Jan-2012Cancer disclosure: Experiences of Iranian cancer patientsValizadeh, L; Zamanzadeh, V; Rahmani, A; Howard, F; Nikanfar, A; Ferguson, C
Jan-2012Electromagnetic Forces On A Discrete Spherical Invisibility Cloak Under Time-Harmonic IlluminationChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A; Zolla, F; Nicolet, A
14-Jul-2011Direct visualization of delocalized band-edge Slow-Bloch Mode laserVo, TP; Rahmani, A; Belarouci, A; Seassal, C; Nedeljkovic, D; Mivel, M; Charraut, D; Grosjean, T; Callard, S
Jan-2011Optical force on a discrete invisibility cloak in time-dependent fieldsChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A; Zolla, F; Nicolet, A; Belkebir, K
Jan-2011Discrete Dipole Approximation For Time-Domain Computation Of Optical Forces On Magnetodielectric ScatterersChaumet, PC; Belkebir, K; Rahmani, A