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2023-12-16Random mutagenesis of Phaeodactylum tricornutum using ultraviolet, chemical, and X-radiation demonstrates the need for temporal analysis of phenotype stability.Macdonald Miller, S; Abbriano, RM; Herdean, A; Banati, R; Ralph, PJ; Pernice, M
2023-11-25Symbiodiniaceae photophysiology and stress resilience is enhanced by microbial associations.Matthews, JL; Hoch, L; Raina, J-B; Pablo, M; Hughes, DJ; Camp, EF; Seymour, JR; Ralph, PJ; Suggett, DJ; Herdean, A
2023-09Phenomics: conceptualization and importance for plant physiology.Zavafer, A; Bates, H; Mancilla, C; Ralph, PJ
2023-08-01High throughput phenomics for diatoms: Challenges and solutionsHoch, L; Herdean, A; Argyle, PA; Ralph, PJ
2023-07-01Light-dependent metabolic shifts in the model diatom Thalassiosira pseudonanaFisher, NL; Halsey, KH; Suggett, DJ; Pombrol, M; Ralph, PJ; Lutz, A; Sogin, EM; Raina, JB; Matthews, JL
2023-05-01Ultra-high throughput microfluidic concentrator for harvesting of Tetraselmis sp. (Chlorodendrophyceae, Chlorophyta)Mirakhorli, F; Razavi Bazaz, S; Warkiani, ME; Ralph, PJ
2023-04-01Light map optimization via direct chlorophyll fluorescence imaging in algal photobioreactorsKofler, JR; Labeeuw, L; Bates, H; Zavafer, A; Ralph, PJ
2023-02-01The slow-phase of chlorophyll fluorescence induction curve reflects the electron transport rates of Photosystem II in vivo in Chlorella vulgarisBates, H; Zavafer, A; Szabó, M; Ralph, PJ
2023-01-01Differential gene expression in a subpopulation of Phaeodactylum tricornutum with enhanced growth and carotenoid production after FACS-mediated selectionMacdonald Miller, S; Herdean, A; Gupta, V; Signal, B; Abbriano, RM; Ralph, PJ; Pernice, M
2022-09-01Ecotoxicological response of Spirulina platensis to coexisted copper and zinc in anaerobic digestion effluent.Zhou, T; Li, X; Zhang, Q; Dong, S; Liu, H; Liu, Y; Chaves, AV; Ralph, PJ; Ruan, R; Wang, Q
2022-09Effects of harvesting on morphological and biochemical characteristics of microalgal biomass harvested by polyacrylamide addition, pH-induced flocculation, and centrifugation.Kuzhiumparambil, U; Labeeuw, L; Commault, A; Vu, HP; Nguyen, LN; Ralph, PJ; Nghiem, LD
2022-06Unassembled cell wall proteins form aggregates in the extracellular space of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii strain UVM4.Barolo, L; Commault, AS; Abbriano, RM; Padula, MP; Kim, M; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Ralph, PJ; Pernice, M
2022-05-01Key challenges for the commercial expansion of ingredients from algae into human food productsHosseinkhani, N; McCauley, JI; Ralph, PJ
2022-01-01Microfluidic Platforms for Cell SortingMirakhorli, F; Mohseni, SS; Bazaz, SR; Mehrizi, AA; Ralph, PJ; Warkiani, ME
2022-01-01Microalgae-based carbon capture and utilization: A critical review on current system developments and biomass utilizationNguyen, LN; Vu, MT; Vu, HP; Johir, MAH; Labeeuw, L; Ralph, PJ; Mahlia, TMI; Pandey, A; Sirohi, R; Nghiem, LD
2022-01-01Chapter 4 Seaweed carrageenans: Productions and applicationsNguyen, LN; Vu, MT; Vu, HP; Zdarta, J; Mohammed, JAH; Pathak, N; Ralph, PJ; Nghiem, LD
2022-01-01Microalgal applications in biomedicine and healthcareMcCauley, JI; Ralph, PJ; Ortega, JS; Gentile, C
2022Seaweed carrageenans: Productions and applicationsNguyen, LN; Vu, MT; Vu, HP; Zdarta, J; Mohammed, JAH; Pathak, N; Ralph, PJ; Nghiem, LD
2022Chapter 7 Microalgal applications in biomedicine and healthcareMcCauley, JI; Ortega, JS; Gentile, C; Ralph, PJ
2021-12-23Comparative Study Highlights the Potential of Spectral Deconvolution for Fucoxanthin Screening in Live Phaeodactylum tricornutum CulturesMacdonald Miller, S; Abbriano, RM; Segecova, A; Herdean, A; Ralph, PJ; Pernice, M