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2022-12-01Review of the Foundational Knowledge Required for Assessing Horse Welfare.Harvey, AM; Ramp, D; Mellor, DJ
2022-12A novel trophic cascade between cougars and feral donkeys shapes desert wetlands.Lundgren, EJ; Ramp, D; Middleton, OS; Wooster, EIF; Kusch, E; Balisi, M; Ripple, WJ; Hasselerharm, CD; Sanchez, JN; Mills, M; Wallach, AD
2022-11-01Predator protection dampens the landscape of fearWooster, EIF; Ramp, D; Lundgren, EJ; O'Neill, AJ; Yanco, E; Bonsen, GT; Wallach, AD
2022-11-01Heavy metal habitat: A novel framework for mapping heavy metal contamination over large-scale catchment with a species distribution modelLi, J; Xie, Z; Qiu, X; Yu, Q; Bu, J; Sun, Z; Long, R; Brandis, KJ; He, J; Feng, Q; Ramp, D
2022-10-31Re-Thinking Felid–Human Entanglements through the Lenses of Compassionate Conservation and Multispecies StudiesSteinhardt, M; Pratt, S; Ramp, D
2022-08-01Tolerance of wolves shapes desert canid communities in the Middle EastBonsen, GT; Wallach, AD; Ben-Ami, D; Keynan, O; Khalilieh, A; Shanas, U; Wooster, EIF; Ramp, D
2022-05-30Ethical Treatment of Invasive and Native Fauna in Australia: Perspectives through the One Welfare Lens.Kennedy, BPA; Boyle, N; Fleming, PJS; Harvey, AM; Jones, B; Ramp, D; Dixon, R; McGreevy, PD
2022-03-15Overcoming the ordinal imbalanced data problem by combining data processing and stacked generalizationsDesprez, M; Zawada, K; Ramp, D
2022-01-21The Impacts of Drought on the Health and Demography of Eastern Grey KangaroosJuillard, LQ; Ramp, D
2022-01Urban green roofs promote metropolitan biodiversity: A comparative case studyWooster, EIF; Fleck, R; Torpy, F; Ramp, D; Irga, PJ
2021-10Emotion as a source of moral understanding in conservation.Batavia, C; Nelson, MP; Bruskotter, JT; Jones, MS; Yanco, E; Ramp, D; Bekoff, M; Wallach, AD
2021-09-20Wildlife-friendly farming recouples grazing regimes to stimulate recovery in semi-arid rangelands.Hasselerharm, CD; Yanco, E; McManus, JS; Smuts, BH; Ramp, D
2021-09-01Compassion and moral inclusion as cornerstones for conservation education and coexistenceYanco, E; Batavia, C; Ramp, D
2021-08-27Feral equids' varied effects on ecosystems-Response.Lundgren, EJ; Ramp, D; Wu, J; Sluk, M; Moeller, KT; Stromberg, JC; Wallach, AD
2021-07-15Use of Remote Camera Traps to Evaluate Animal-Based Welfare Indicators in Individual Free-Roaming Wild HorsesHarvey, AM; Morton, JM; Mellor, DJ; Russell, V; Chapple, RS; Ramp, D
2021-06-17Red foxes avoid apex predation without increasing fearWooster, EIF; Ramp, D; Lundgren, EJ; O’Neill, AJ; Wallach, AD
2021-04-30Equids engineer desert water availabilityLundgren, EJ; Ramp, D; Stromberg, JC; Wu, J; Nieto, NC; Sluk, M; Moeller, KT; Wallach, AD
2021-04-01Reintroducing extirpated herbivores could partially reverse the late Quaternary decline of large and grazing speciesSchowanek, SD; Davis, M; Lundgren, EJ; Middleton, O; Rowan, J; Pedersen, R; Ramp, D; Sandom, CJ; Svenning, JC
2021-03-08Using feathers to map continental‐scale movements of waterbirds and wetland importanceBrandis, KJ; Mazumder, D; Gadd, P; Ji, B; Kingsford, RT; Ramp, D
2021-02-01Challenges at the intersection of conservation and ethics: Reply to Meyer et al. 2021.Nelson, MP; Batavia, C; Brandis, KJ; Carroll, SP; Celermajer, D; Linklater, W; Lundgren, E; Ramp, D; Steer, J; Yanco, E; Wallach, AD