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2021-10-30Influence of global environmental Change on planktonRaven, JA; Beardall, J
2021-09-03Nucleic acid requirement of plants from low phosphorus habitats. A Commentary on: Foliar nutrient-allocation patterns in Banksia attenuata and Banksia sessilis differing in growth rate and adaptation to low-phosphorus habitats.Raven, JA
2021-05-07Testing the climate intervention potential of ocean afforestation using the Great Atlantic Sargassum BeltBach, LT; Tamsitt, V; Gower, J; Hurd, CL; Raven, JA; Boyd, PW
2021-04-07Gloeobacter and the implications of a freshwater origin of CyanobacteriaRaven, JA; Sánchez-Baracaldo, P
2021-03Cell size influences inorganic carbon acquisition in artificially selected phytoplankton.Malerba, ME; Marshall, DJ; Palacios, MM; Raven, JA; Beardall, J
2021-02Determinants, and implications, of the shape and size of thylakoids and cristae.Raven, JA
2021-01Origin of the roles of potassium in biology.Raven, JA
2021-01Protein assemblages and tight curves in the plasma membranes of photosynthetic eukaryotes.Raven, JA; Beilby, MJ
2020-10-01Regional variation in δ<sup>13</sup>C of coral reef macroalgaeLovelock, CE; Reef, R; Raven, JA; Pandolfi, JM
2020-09Will rising atmospheric CO2 concentration inhibit nitrate assimilation in shoots but enhance it in roots of C3 plants?Andrews, M; Condron, LM; Kemp, PD; Topping, JF; Lindsey, K; Hodge, S; Raven, JA
2020-07-11Inorganic carbon concentrating mechanisms in free-living and symbiotic dinoflagellates and chromerids.Raven, JA; Suggett, DJ; Giordano, M
2020-07Chloride involvement in the synthesis, functioning and repair of the photosynthetic apparatus in vivo.Raven, JA
2020-06How can large-celled diatoms rapidly modulate sinking rates episodically?Lavoie, M; Raven, JA
2020-05-01Energizing the plasmalemma of marine photosynthetic organisms: The role of primary active transportRaven, JA; Beardall, J
2020-02Neoproterozoic origin and multiple transitions to macroscopic growth in green seaweeds.Del Cortona, A; Jackson, CJ; Bucchini, F; Van Bel, M; D'hondt, S; Škaloud, P; Delwiche, CF; Knoll, AH; Raven, JA; Verbruggen, H; Vandepoele, K; De Clerck, O; Leliaert, F
2020Acquisition of Inorganic Carbon by Microalgae and CyanobacteriaBeardall, J; Raven, JA
2019-09-05The future of Blue Carbon scienceMacreadie, PI; Anton, A; Raven, JA; Beaumont, N; Connolly, RM; Friess, DA; Kelleway, JJ; Kennedy, H; Kuwae, T; Lavery, PS; Lovelock, CE; Smale, DA; Apostolaki, ET; Atwood, TB; Baldock, J; Bianchi, TS; Chmura, GL; Eyre, BD; Fourqurean, JW; Hall-Spencer, JM; Huxham, M; Hendriks, IE; Krause-Jensen, D; Laffoley, D; Luisetti, T; Marba, N; Masque, P; McGlathery, KJ; Megonigal, JP; Murdiyarso, D; Russell, BD; Santos, R; Serrano, O; Silliman, BR; Watanabe, K; Duarte, CM
2019-08-07Microbial rhodopsins are major contributors to the solar energy captured in the seaGómez-Consarnau, L; Raven, JA; Levine, NM; Cutter, LS; Wang, D; Seegers, B; Arístegui, J; Fuhrman, JA; Gasol, JM; Sañudo-Wilhelmy, SA
2019-08-01Effect of reduced irradiance on <sup>13</sup>C uptake, gene expression and protein activity of the seagrass Zostera muelleriKim, M; Pernice, M; Watson-Lazowski, A; Guagliardo, P; Kilburn, MR; Larkum, AWD; Raven, JA; Ralph, PJ
2019-06-01Ecological implications of recently discovered and poorly studied sources of energy for the growth of true fungi especially in extreme environmentsGleason, FH; Larkum, AWD; Raven, JA; Manohar, CS; Lilje, O