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2018-07-16'Submission to Inquiry into the Exploitation of General and Specialist Cleaners Working in Retail chains for contracting or subcontracting cleaning companies' Centre for Business and Social Innovation UTSKaine, S; Rawling, MJ; Josserand, E; Boersma, M; Johns, K; Ryan, R
2017-11-29Australian Supply Chain Regulation Project: Draft Report on Road Transport Sector RegulationRawling, MJ; Shepherd, N; Johnstone, R; Nossar, I
2017-11-29Australian Supply Chain Regulation Project: Draft Report on Textile Clothing and Footwear Sector RegulationNossar, I; Tennent, R; Johnstone, R; Shepherd, N; Rawling, MJ
2017-09-30Compromising Road Transport Regulation: The Abolition of the Road Safety Remuneration TribunalRawling, MJ; Johnstone, J; Nossar, I
2015-12-01Regulating Supply Chains to Protect Road Transport Workers: An Early Assessment of the Road Safety Remuneration TribunalJohnstone, R; Nossar, I; Rawling, MJ
2014-12-09"Cross-Jurisdictional and Other Implications of Mandatory Clothing Retailer Obligations"Rawling, MJ
2012-01Beyond EmploymentJohnstone, R; McCrystal, S; Nossar, I; Quinlan, M; Rawling, MJ; Riley, J
2012-01Regulating supply chains to provide a safe rate for road transport workersRawling, MJ; Kaine, SJ
2009-01Senate Submission: Inquiry into the Fair Work Bill 2008- Will The Rudd Federal Labor Government Abolish Key Legal Protections For Certain Exploited Vulnerable Workers?Rawling, MJ
2009-01The Impact of Federal Legislation upon the Scope of State Jurisdictions to Regulate OutworkRawling, MJ
2007-01The Regulation of Outwork and the Federal Takeover of Labour LawRawling, MJ
2006-01Satisfying Employee and Shareholder Demands in an Era of Shareholder ActivismRawling, MJ
2006-01A Generic Model of Regulating Supply Chain OutsourcingRawling, MJ; Arup, C; Howe, J; Mitchell, R; Gahan, P; Johnstone, R; Donnell, AO
2006-01Capital Reintegration into Supply Chains and its Implications for Labour LawRawling, MJ
2006-01Australian Trade Unions as Shareholder Activists: The Rocky Path Towards Corporate DemocracyRawling, MJ