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2022-09Peripheral administration of selective GlyT2 inhibitor, oleoyl-D-lysine, reverses chronic neuropathic pain but not acute or inflammatory pain in male miceWilson, BS; Peiser-Oliver, J; Gillis, A; Evans, S; Alamein, C; Mostyn, SN; Shimmon, S; Rawling, T; Christie, MJ; Vandenberg, RJ; Mohammadi, SA
2022-08-19Structure-Activity Relationship and Mechanistic Studies of Bisaryl Urea Anticancer Agents Indicate Mitochondrial Uncoupling by a Fatty Acid-Activated Mechanism.York, E; McNaughton, DA; Roseblade, A; Cranfield, CG; Gale, PA; Rawling, T
2022-02-01The aryl-ureido fatty acid CTU activates endoplasmic reticulum stress and PERK/NOXA-mediated apoptosis in tumor cells by a dual mitochondrial-targeting mechanism.Choucair, H; Rahman, MK; Umashankar, B; Al-Zubaidi, Y; Bourget, K; Chen, Y; Dunstan, C; Rawling, T; Murray, M
2021-10PTU, a novel ureido-fatty acid, inhibits MDA-MB-231 cell invasion and dissemination by modulating Wnt5a secretion and cytoskeletal signaling.Al-Zubaidi, Y; Chen, Y; Khalilur Rahman, M; Umashankar, B; Choucair, H; Bourget, K; Chung, L; Qi, Y; Witting, PK; Anderson, RL; O'Neill, GM; Dunstan, CR; Rawling, T; Murray, M
2021-02-03Mitochondrial uncoupler SHC517 reverses obesity in mice without affecting food intake.Chen, S-Y; Beretta, M; Alexopoulos, SJ; Shah, DP; Olzomer, EM; Hargett, SR; Childress, ES; Salamoun, JM; Aleksovska, I; Roseblade, A; Cranfield, C; Rawling, T; Quinlan, KGR; Morris, MJ; Tucker, SP; Santos, WL; Hoehn, KL
2021-01-12The allosteric inhibition of glycine transporter 2 by bioactive lipid analgesics is controlled by penetration into a deep lipid cavity.Wilson, KA; Mostyn, SN; Frangos, ZJ; Shimmon, S; Rawling, T; Vandenberg, RJ; O'Mara, ML
2020-10Identification of N-acyl amino acids that are positive allosteric modulators of glycine receptors.Gallagher, CI; Sheipouri, D; Shimmon, S; Rawling, T; Vandenberg, RJ
2020-08-16Expansion of the structure-activity relationship of branched chain fatty acids: effect of unsaturation and branching group size on anticancer activity.Roy, R; Roseblade, A; Rawling, T
2020Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Derived Lipid Mediators and Their Application in Drug Discovery.Pazderka, CW; Oliver, B; Murray, M; Rawling, T
2020Antiproliferative activities of tricyclic amides derived from β-caryophyllene via the Ritter reaction against MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cellsXu, X; Roseblade, A; Rawling, T; Ung, AT
2019-11-01Inhibition of Hepatic CYP2D6 by the Active N-Oxide Metabolite of SorafenibMurray, M; Gillani, TB; Rawling, T; Nair, PC
2019-10-01Identification of an allosteric binding site on the human glycine transporter, GlyT2, for bioactive lipid analgesicsMostyn, SN; Wilson, KA; Schumann-Gillett, A; Frangos, ZJ; Shimmon, S; Rawling, T; Ryan, RM; O’mara, ML; Vandenberg, RJ
2019-07-01l-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (l-DOPA) modulates brain iron, dopaminergic neurodegeneration and motor dysfunction in iron overload and mutant alpha-synuclein mouse models of Parkinson's diseaseBillings, JL; Gordon, SL; Rawling, T; Doble, PA; Bush, AI; Adlard, PA; Finkelstein, DI; Hare, DJ
2019-03-14Development of an N-Acyl Amino Acid That Selectively Inhibits the Glycine Transporter 2 to Produce Analgesia in a Rat Model of Chronic PainMostyn, SN; Rawling, T; Mohammadi, S; Shimmon, S; Frangos, ZJ; Sarker, S; Yousuf, A; Vetter, I; Ryan, RM; Christie, MJ; Vandenberg, RJ
2019-03-01Aryl-urea fatty acids that activate the p38 MAP kinase and down-regulate multiple cyclins decrease the viability of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cellsAl-Zubaidi, Y; Pazderka, C; Koolaji, N; Rahman, MK; Choucair, H; Umashankar, B; Bourget, K; Chen, Y; Rawling, T; Murray, M
2019-03-01Sorafenib N-Oxide Is an Inhibitor of Human Hepatic CYP3A4Ghassabian, S; Gillani, TB; Rawling, T; Crettol, S; Nair, PC; Murray, M
2018-10-13Nanoemulsion-enabled oral delivery of novel anticancer ω-3 fatty acid derivativesPereira, GG; Rawling, T; Pozzoli, M; Pazderka, C; Chen, Y; Dunstan, CR; Murray, M; Sonvico, F
2018-06-01Activity of novel lipid glycine transporter inhibitors on synaptic signalling in the dorsal horn of the spinal cordWinters, BL; Rawling, T; Vandenberg, RJ; Christie, MJ; Bhola, RF; Imlach, WL
2018-05-23Carboxylate Analogues of Aryl-Urea-Substituted Fatty Acids That Target the Mitochondria in MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cells to Promote Cell DeathKoolaji, N; Rawling, T; Bourget, K; Murray, M
2018-03-01Differential effects of hepatic cirrhosis on the intrinsic clearances of sorafenib and imatinib by CYPs in human liverMurray, M; Gillani, TB; Ghassabian, S; Edwards, RJ; Rawling, T