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2021-07-11DepressionNet: Learning Multi-modalities with User Post Summarization for Depression Detection on Social MediaZogan, H; Razzak, I; Jameel, S; Xu, G
2020-12-01Transformer based Deep Intelligent Contextual Embedding for Twitter sentiment analysisNaseem, U; Razzak, I; Musial, K; Imran, M
2020-12Discovering dynamic adverse behavior of policyholders in the life insurance industryIslam, MR; Liu, S; Biddle, R; Razzak, I; Wang, X; Tilocca, P; Xu, G
2020-11-30MHIVis: Visual analytics for exploring mental illness of policyholders in life insurance industryIslam, MR; Liu, S; Razzak, I; Kabir, MA; Wang, X; Xu, G
2020-11-01Randomized nonlinear one-class support vector machines with bounded loss function to detect of outliers for large scale IoT dataRazzak, I; Zafar, K; Imran, M; Xu, G
2020-07-01Unconstrained Arabic Scene Text Analysis using Concurrent Invariant PointsAhmed, SB; Naz, S; Razzak, I; Prasad, M
2020-07-01Towards Improved Deep Contextual Embedding for the identification of Irony and SarcasmNaseem, U; Razzak, I; Eklund, P; Musial, K
2020-07-01End-to-End Analysis for Text Detection and Recognition in Natural Scene ImagesAlnefaie, A; Gupta, D; Bhuyan, MH; Razzak, I; Gupta, P; Prasad, M
2020-01-01Integrating joint feature selection into subspace learning: A formulation of 2DPCA for outliers robust feature selectionRazzak, I; Saris, RA; Blumenstein, M; Xu, G
2019-12-01Enhanced Heartbeat Graph for emerging event detection on Twitter using time series networksSaeed, Z; Abbasi, RA; Razzak, I; Maqbool, O; Sadaf, A; Xu, G
2019-06-15What’s Happening Around the World? A Survey and Framework on Event Detection Techniques on TwitterSaeed, Z; Abbasi, RA; Maqbool, O; Sadaf, A; Razzak, I; Daud, A; Aljohani, NR; Xu, G
2019-06-01Multiclass Support Matrix Machines by Maximizing the Inter-Class Margin for Single Trial EEG ClassificationRazzak, I; Blumenstein, M; Xu, G
2019-01-01Robust Sparse Representation and Multiclass Support Matrix Machines for the Classification of Motor Imagery EEG SignalsRazzak, I; Hameed, IA; Xu, G
2017-10-18Proceedings of 2017 International Conference on Behavioral, Economic, Socio-cultural ComputingDemazeau, Y; Gao, J; Xu, G; Kozlak, J; Müller, K; Razzak, I; Chen, H; Gu, Y