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1-Feb-2018When cultures divide: Writing public history in Latin AmericaWyndham, M; Read, P
2017Sin Descansar, En Mi MemoriaRead, P; Wyndham, MM
2016Narrow but endlessly deepRead, P; Wyndham, MM
26-Aug-2015The disappearing museumWyndham, MM; Read, P; Neumann, K
10-Apr-2015Temporal trends of time to antiretroviral treatment initiation, interruption and modification: Examination of patients diagnosed with advanced HIV in AustraliaWright, ST; Law, MG; Cooper, DA; Keen, P; McDonald, A; Middleton, M; Woolley, I; Kelly, M; Petoumenos, K; Ellis, D; Bloch, M; Agrawal, S; Vincent, T; Allen, D; Little, JL; Smith, D; Mincham, C; Baker, D; Ieroklis, V; Templeton, DJ; O'Connor, CC; Phan, S; Jackson, E; McCallum, K; Grotowski, M; Taylor, S; Carr, A; Lee, F; Hesse, K; Sinn, K; Norris, R; Finlayson, R; Prone, I; Patel, A; Varma, R; Shakeshaft, J; Brown, K; McGrath, C; Halligan, S; Wray, L; Read, P; Lu, H; Couldwell, D; Furner, V; Fernando, S; Chuah, J; Watson, J; Lawrence, C; Mulhall, B; McManus, H; Bendall, C; Boyd, M; Ryder, N; Payne, R; Russell, D; Doyle-Adams, S; Sowden, D; Taing, K; McGill, K; Orth, D; Youds, D; Gibson, A; Magon, H; Dickson, B; Donohue, W; Moore, R; Edwards, S; Liddle, R; Locke, P; Roth, NJ; Lau, H; Read, T; Silvers, J; Zeng, W; Hoy, J; Watson, K; Bryant, M; Price, S; Giles, M; Hoy, J; Williams, J; Nolan, D; Robinson, J; Morwood, K; Roth, N; Choong, K; Boyd, MA; Li, PCK; Lee, MP; Vanar, S; Faridah, S; Kamarulzaman, A; Choi, JY; Vannary, B; Ditangco, R; Tsukada, K; Pujari, S; Makane, A; Ng, OT; Sasisopin, AJ
1-Jan-2015Eurocommunism and the concertación: Reflections on chilean european exile 1973–1989Read, P; Wyndham, M
3-Apr-2014The disappearing museumWyndham, M; Read, P
1-Jan-2014High rates of sexually transmissible infections in HIV-positive patients in the Australian HIV Observational Database: A prospective cohort studyMulhall, BP; Wright, S; Allen, D; Brown, K; Dickson, B; Grotowski, M; Jackson, E; Petoumenos, K; Read, P; Read, T; Russell, D; Smith, DJ; Templeton, DJ; Fairley, CK; Law, MG
1-Jul-2012Filling the void of trapped memories: The liberation of a Pinochet centre of tortureWyndham, M; Read, P
Jan-2012Filling the Void of Trapped Memories: The Liberation of a Pinochet Centre of TortureWyndham, MM; Read, P
Jan-2011The day Londres 38 opened its doors: a milestone in chilean reconciliationWyndham, MM; Read, P
Jan-2011The Cemetery, the State and the Exiles: A Study of Cementerio Colón, Havana, and Woodlawn Cemetery, MiamiWyndham, MM; Read, P
1-Feb-2010From state terrorism to state errorism: Post-pinochet Chile's long search for truth and justiceWyndham, M; Read, P
1-Jan-2008Putting site back into trauma studies: A study of five detention and torture centres in Santiago, ChileRead, P; Wyndham, M
Jan-2008Memory and a Hard Place: Revisiting Central HavanaWyndham, MM; Read, P
Jan-2007Between the silence and the scream: reimagining in sound the last days of Chilean singer Victor JaraWyndham, MM; Read, P; MacKinnon; Dolly; Bandt, R; Duffy, M
Jan-2007The Bay of Pigs: revisiting two museumsWyndham, MM; Read, P
Jan-2007Remembering the SovietsRead, P; Wyndham, MM
1-Oct-2003Buena Vista Social Club: Local meets global and lives happily ever afterWyndham, M; Read, P
1-Jan-2001The farmer and the BushmanRead, P; Wyndham, M