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2023-08-01A Figure is Worth a Thousand Words: The role of visualization in paradox theorizingPradies, C; Berti, M; Pina e Cunha, M; Rego, A; Tunarosa, A; Clegg, S
2022-07-19Myopia during emergency improvisation: lessons from a catastrophic wildfireCunha, MP; Clegg, S; Rego, A; Giustiniano, L; Abrantes, ACM; Miner, AS; Simpson, AV
2022-02-01Non-naïve organizational positivity through a generative paradox pedagogyCunha, MPE; Simpson, AV; Rego, A; Clegg, S
2022-01-01Speaking truth to power: The academic as jester stimulating management learningClegg, S; Cunha, MPE; Rego, A; Berti, M
2022-01-01Estrategias para desactivar las paradojas pragmáticasCunha, MPE; Rego, A; Berti, M
2022-01-01Servus or Pater? How Paradoxical Intent Can Qualify Leadership: Inductions from the Kingdom of BhutanSousa, M; Cunha, MPE; Simpson, AV; Giustiniano, L; Rego, A; Clegg, S
2022-01-01Theorizing compassionate leadership from the case of Jacinda Ardern: Legitimacy, paradox and resource conservation<sup> 1</sup>Simpson, AV; Rego, A; Berti, M; Clegg, S; Pina e Cunha, M
2022Exploring the paradoxical nature of responsible leadershipRego, A; Cunha, MP; Clegg, SR; Maak, T; Pless, N
2021-11-15The Paradox of the Peasantry in Management and Organization StudiesCunha, MPE; Clegg, S; Rego, A; Berti, M
2021-10-01‘Open Purpose’: Embracing Organizations as Expressive SystemsClegg, S; Pina e Cunha, M; Rego, A; Santos, F
2021-07-01Paradoxes of Power and LeadershipCunha, MPE; Clegg, SR; Rego, A; Berti, M
2020-12-01Resilient Leadership as Paradox Work: Notes from COVID-19Giustiniano, L; Cunha, MPE; Simpson, AV; Rego, A; Clegg, S
2020-09Stewardship as process: A paradox perspectiveCunha, MPE; Rego, A; Clegg, S; Jarvis, WP
2020Positive Organizational BehaviourCunha, MPE; Rego, A; Clegg, S; Simpson, A
2019-10-01Speak! Paradoxical Effects of a Managerial Culture of ‘Speaking Up’Cunha, MPE; Simpson, AV; Clegg, SR; Rego, A
2019-09-01“Heaven or Las Vegas”: Competing institutional logics and individual experiencePina e Cunha, M; Giustiniano, L; Rego, A; Clegg, S
2019-03-01Leader Humility and Team Performance: Exploring the Mediating Mechanisms of Team PsyCap and Task Allocation EffectivenessRego, A; Owens, B; Yam, KC; Bluhm, D; Cunha, MPE; Silard, A; Gonçalves, L; Martins, M; Simpson, AV; Liu, W
2019-01-01Hope in business organizing for societal progress: Three narrativesClegg, S; Simpson, A; Cunha, MPE; Rego, A; Ericssonn, D; Kostera, M
2018-12-28Elgar introduction to theories of organizational resilienceGiustiniano, L; Clegg, SR; Cunha, MP; Rego, A
2018-03-01The Perceived Impact of Leaders’ Humility on Team Effectiveness: an Empirical StudyRego, A; Cunha, MPE; Simpson, AV