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2023-12-01Arbitrarily structured quantum emission with a multifunctional metalensLi, C; Jang, J; Badloe, T; Yang, T; Kim, J; Kim, J; Nguyen, M; Maier, SA; Rho, J; Ren, H; Aharonovich, I
2022-12-01Near Optimal Learning-Driven Mechanisms for Stable NFV Markets in Multitier Cloud NetworksXu, Z; Ren, H; Liang, W; Xia, Q; Zhou, W; Zhou, P; Xu, W; Wu, G; Li, M
2022-10-10Target-Driven Structured Transformer Planner for Vision-Language NavigationZhao, Y; Chen, J; Gao, C; Wang, W; Yang, L; Ren, H; Xia, H; Liu, S
2022-09-05Graph convolutional networks in language and vision: A surveyRen, H; Lu, W; Xiao, Y; Chang, X; Wang, X; Dong, Z; Fang, D
2021-07-26Near Optimal and Dynamic Mechanisms Towards a Stable NFV Market in Multi-Tier Cloud NetworksXu, Z; Ren, H; Liang, W; Xia, Q; Zhou, W; Wu, G; Zhou, P
2017-06-01Measuring interdisciplinarity of a research system: detecting distinction between publication categories and citation categoriesWang, X; Wang, Z; Huang, Y; Chen, Y; Zhang, Y; Ren, H; Li, R; Pang, J
2017-02-09Corrigendum: Vesicle Size Regulates Nanotube Formation in the Cell.Su, QP; Du, W; Ji, Q; Xue, B; Jiang, D; Zhu, Y; Ren, H; Zhang, C; Lou, J; Yu, L; Sun, Y
2016-05-23Kinesin 1 Drives Autolysosome TubulationDu, W; Su, QP; Chen, Y; Zhu, Y; Jiang, D; Rong, Y; Zhang, S; Zhang, Y; Ren, H; Zhang, C; Wang, X; Gao, N; Wang, Y; Sun, L; Sun, Y; Yu, L
2005李家山青铜图像的贵族话语 = Aristocratic discourse of the images on Lijiashan bronzeRen, H