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2023-01-11Multiple Damaged Cables Identification in Cable-Stayed Bridges Using Basis Vector Matrix Method.Ren, J; Zhu, X; Li, S
2022-10-15Insight into biofouling mechanism in biofiltration-facilitated gravity-driven membrane (GDM) system: Beneficial effects of pre-deposited adsorbentsFeng, J; Li, X; Yang, Y; Fan, X; Zhou, Z; Ren, J; Tan, X; Li, H
2022-10-13A Re-Evaluation of Past to Present-Day Use of the Blissful Neuronal Nutraceutical “Cannabis”Dhanasekaran, M; M. Nadar, R; McDonald, K; Deruiter, J; Pathak, S; Ramesh, S; Vijayarani, R; Gopal, K; Babu Ramapuram, J; Dua, K; Moore, T; Ren, J; Dhanasekaran, M
2022-09Targeting CCN2 protects against progressive non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in a preclinical model induced by high-fat feeding and type 2 diabetes.Ren, J; Wang, X; Parry, SN; Yee, C; Gorrell, MD; McLennan, SV; Twigg, SM
2022-06-01Fate of organic fractions of greywater in combined process of vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV/UV)/ozone pre-oxidation with enhanced coagulationLi, H; Yang, Y; Ren, J; Zhou, Z; Li, X; Liu, Y; Feng, J
2022-05-01FlexMon: A flexible and fine-grained traffic monitor for programmable networksWang, Y; Wang, X; Xu, S; He, C; Zhang, Y; Ren, J; Yu, S
2022-03-01Damaged cable identification in cable-stayed bridge from bridge deck strain measurements using support vector machineRen, J; Zhang, B; Zhu, X; Li, S
2022-02-21Capability of Organically Modified Montmorillonite Nanoclay as a Carrier for Imidacloprid DeliveryNuruzzaman, M; Liu, Y; Ren, J; Rahman, MM; Zhang, H; Hasan Johir, MA; Shon, HK; Naidu, R
2022-02-01Degradation of sulfamethazine by vacuum ultraviolet-activated sulfate radical-advanced oxidation: efficacy, mechanism and influences of water constituentsLi, H; Yang, Y; Li, X; Zhou, Z; Feng, J; Dai, Y; Li, X; Ren, J
2022-01-22Sitagliptin Is More Effective Than Gliclazide in Preventing  Pro-Fibrotic and Pro-Inflammatory Changes in a Rodent Model of Diet-Induced Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.Ren, J; Wang, X; Yee, C; Gorrell, MD; McLennan, SV; Twigg, SM
2021-12-01Effect of Fe-based micro-flocculation combined with gravity-driven membrane ultrafiltration on removal of aluminum species during water treatmentYue, X; Yang, Y; Li, X; Ren, J; Zhou, Z; Zhang, Y; Yu, H
2021-12-01Fertiliser recovery from source-separated urine via membrane bioreactor and heat localized solar evaporation.Ren, J; Hao, D; Jiang, J; Phuntsho, S; Freguia, S; Ni, B-J; Dai, P; Guan, J; Shon, HK
2021-12Catalytic pyrolysis of biomass impregnated with elements from steelmaking slag leaching and simultaneous fabrication of phosphorus adsorbentKan, T; Strezov, V; Evans, T; Kumar, R; He, J; Zhou, X; Ren, J; Lu, Q
2021-09-06A Green Synthesis of Ru Modified g-C3N4 Nanosheets for Enhanced Photocatalytic Ammonia SynthesisHao, D; Ren, J; Wang, Y; Arandiyan, H; Garbrecht, M; Bai, X; Shon, HK; Wei, W; Ni, B-J
2021-05-01Towards Personalized Task-Oriented Worker Recruitment in Mobile CrowdsensingWang, Z; Zhao, J; Hu, J; Zhu, T; Wang, Q; Ren, J; Li, C
2021DRL-GAN: Dual-Stream Representation Learning GAN for Low-Resolution Image Classification in UAV ApplicationsXi, Y; Jia, W; Zheng, J; Fan, X; Xie, Y; Ren, J; He, X
2020-08-01Multivariate relations aggregation learning in social networksXu, J; Yu, S; Sun, K; Ren, J; Lee, I; Pan, S; Xia, F
2020-01-24Hollow Porous Silica Nanosphere with Single Large Pore Opening for Pesticide Loading and DeliveryNuruzzaman, M; Ren, J; Liu, Y; Rahman, MM; Shon, HK; Naidu, R
2020-01-15Efficient measurement of round-trip link delays in software-defined networksWang, X; Yang, Y; Liu, H; Ren, J; Xu, S; Wang, S; Yu, S
2020-01-01Improved photocatalysis of perfluorooctanoic acid in water and wastewater by Ga<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>/UV system assisted by peroxymonosulfateXu, B; Zhou, JL; Altaee, A; Ahmed, MB; Johir, MAH; Ren, J; Li, X