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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-01Two-photon MINFLUX with doubled localization precisionZhao, K; Xu, X; Ren, W; Jin, D; Xi, P
2022-11-01Privacy, accuracy, and model fairness trade-offs in federated learningGu, X; Tianqing, Z; Li, J; Zhang, T; Ren, W; Choo, KKR
2022-09-01Lattice strain and band overlap of the thermoelectric composite Mg2Si1-xSnxYao, W; Hu, S; Jia, F; Reimers, JR; Wang, Y; Singh, DJ; Ren, W
2022-05-31Assimilating remote sensing data into a crop model improves winter wheat yield estimation based on regional irrigation dataJin, N; Tao, B; Ren, W; He, L; Zhang, D; Wang, D; Yu, Q
2022-01-01LOPO: a location privacy preserving path optimization scheme for spatial crowdsourcingXiong, P; Li, G; Ren, W; Zhu, T
2022-01-01A Blockchain-based and Privacy-Protected Method for Sharing of BIM Big DataWang, H; Hao, X; Yin, L; Gong, P; Xiong, F; Ren, W
2021-11-13ARVo: Learning All-Range Volumetric Correspondence for Video DeblurringLi, D; Xu, C; Zhang, K; Yu, X; Zhong, Y; Ren, W; Suominen, H; Li, H
2021-01-26IDE: Image Dehazing and Exposure Using an Enhanced Atmospheric Scattering Model.Ju, M; Ding, C; Ren, W; Yang, Y; Zhang, D; Guo, YJ
2021-01-01IDBP: Image Dehazing Using Blended Priors Including Non-local, Local, and Global PriorsJu, M; Ding, C; Ren, W; Yang, Y
2021IDRLP: Image Dehazing Using Region Line Prior.Ju, M; Ding, C; Guo, CA; Ren, W; Tao, D
2020-09-01A Hierarchical Encryption and Key Management Scheme for Layered Access Control on H.264/SVC Bitstream in the Internet of ThingsXu, C; Ren, W; Yu, L; Zhu, T; Choo, KKR
2020-07-28A Point Light Source Interference Removal Method for Image DehazingYan, Y; Zhang, S; Ju, M; Ren, W; Wang, R; Guo, Y
2020-05Optical Nanomaterials and Enabling Technologies for High-Security-Level Anticounterfeiting.Ren, W; Lin, G; Clarke, C; Zhou, J; Jin, D
2020-01-01The Impact of Differential Privacy on Model Fairness in Federated LearningGu, X; Zhu, T; Li, J; Zhang, T; Ren, W
2020-01-01Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis-Based in Vitro Detection of Critical BiomarkersZhang, W; Liang, J; Lu, X; Ren, W; Liu, C
2020-01-01Model Poisoning Defense on Federated Learning: A Validation Based ApproachWang, Y; Zhu, T; Chang, W; Shen, S; Ren, W
2019-10-15Optimizing rewards allocation for privacy-preserving spatial crowdsourcingXiong, P; Zhu, D; Zhang, L; Ren, W; Zhu, T
2019-10-10A differentially private method for crowdsourcing data submissionZhang, L; Xiong, P; Ren, W; Zhu, T
2019-06-01SaaS: A situational awareness and analysis system for massive android malware detectionZhang, Y; Ren, W; Zhu, T; Ren, Y
2019-03-21Bioferroelectric Properties of Glycine CrystalsHu, P; Hu, S; Huang, Y; Reimers, JR; Rappe, AM; Li, Y; Stroppa, A; Ren, W