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2022-01-11The Sydney declaration - Revisiting the essence of forensic science through its fundamental principles.Roux, C; Bucht, R; Crispino, F; De Forest, P; Lennard, C; Margot, P; Miranda, MD; NicDaeid, N; Ribaux, O; Ross, A; Willis, S
2021Digital Transformations in Forensic Science and Their Impact on PolicingRibaux, O; Delemont, O; Baechler, S; Roux, C; Crispino, F
2021Forensic Science Understanding by Police Managers: New Opportunities to Re-think Its Involvement in PolicingCrispino, F; Mousseau, V; Baechler, S; Delemont, O; Roux, C; Ribaux, O
2020Un modèle continu, non linéaire et collaboratif de l’enquêteBaechler, S; Morelato, M; Roux, C; Margot, P; Ribaux, O
2019-11Is the (traditional) Galilean science paradigm well suited to forensic science?Crispino, F; Roux, C; Delémont, O; Ribaux, O
2019-01-01The Kodak Syndrome: Risks and Opportunities Created by Decentralization of Forensic CapabilitiesCasey, E; Ribaux, O; Roux, C
2018-11-02Forensic science 2020–the end of the crossroads?Roux, C; Ribaux, O; Crispino, F
2018-08-01Digital transformations and the viability of forensic science laboratories: Crisis-opportunity through decentralisationCasey, E; Ribaux, O; Roux, C
2017-09-03Expressing the value of forensic science in policingRibaux, O; Roux, C; Crispino, F
2016-12-01The progressive opening of forensic science toward criminological concernsRibaux, O; Crispino, F; Delémont, O; Roux, C
2016-06-01Image processing of false identity documents for forensic intelligenceTalbot-Wright, B; Baechler, S; Morelato, M; Ribaux, O; Roux, C
2015-05-01Forensic intelligence framework. Part II: Study of the main generic building blocks and challenges through the examples of illicit drugs and false identity documents monitoringBaechler, S; Morelato, M; Ribaux, O; Beavis, A; Tahtouh, M; Kirkbride, KP; Esseiva, P; Margot, P; Roux, C
2015-01-01The end of the (forensic science) world as we know it? The example of trace evidenceRoux, C; Talbot-Wright, B; Robertson, J; Crispino, F; Ribaux, O
2015-01-01Forensic intelligence: Deregulation or return to the roots of forensic science?Ribaux, O; Crispino, F; Roux, C
2013-03-10The use of forensic case data in intelligence-led policing: The example of drug profilingMorelato, M; Beavis, A; Tahtouh, M; Ribaux, O; Kirkbride, P; Roux, C
2010-06-01Intelligence-led crime scene processing. Part II: Intelligence and crime scene examinationRibaux, O; Baylon, A; Lock, E; Delémont, O; Roux, C; Zingg, C; Margot, P
2010-02-25Intelligence-led crime scene processing. Part I: Forensic intelligenceRibaux, O; Baylon, A; Roux, C; Delémont, O; Lock, E; Zingg, C; Margot, P
2008-08-01Comparing the growth and effectiveness of forensic DNA databasesWalsh, SJ; Buckleton, JS; Ribaux, O; Roux, C; Raymond, T
2004-01-01Dna profiling and criminal justice: A contribution to a changing debateRoux, C; Walsh, SJ; Ribaux, O; Buckleton, JS; Ross, A
2004-01Base de donnees ADN: un potentiel peu exploite de mises en relations d'evenements criminelsGirod, A; Ribaux, O; Margot, P; Walsh, SJ