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1-Jan-2018The 2015-2017 Cape Town drought: Attribution and prediction using machine learningRichman, MB; Leslie, LM
1-Jul-2017The modulating influence of Indian Ocean sea surface temperatures on Australian region seasonal tropical cyclone countsRamsay, H; Richman, MB; Leslie, LM
4-Mar-2017A data-driven kernel method assimilation technique for geophysical modellingGilbert, RC; Trafalis, TB; Richman, MB; Leslie, LM
1-Jan-2017Reducing Tropical Cyclone Prediction Errors Using Machine Learning ApproachesRichman, MB; Leslie, LM; Ramsay, HA; Klotzbach, PJ
1-Jan-2016Classifying Drought in Ethiopia Using Machine LearningRichman, MB; Leslie, LM; Segele, ZT
17-Mar-2015Data selection using support vector regressionRichman, MB; Leslie, LM; Trafalis, TB; Mansouri, H
1-Jan-2015Seasonal-to-interannual variability of ethiopia/horn of Africa monsoon. Part II: Statistical multimodel ensemble rainfall predictionsSegele, ZT; Richman, MB; Leslie, LM; Lamb, PJ
1-Jan-2015Uniqueness and Causes of the California DroughtRichman, MB; Leslie, LM
1-Jan-2014Seasonal tropical cyclone predictions using optimized combinations of ENSO regions: Application to the coral sea basinRamsay, HA; Richman, MB; Leslie, LM
1-Jan-2014Cluster analysis of North Atlantic tropical cyclonesCorporal-Lodangco, IL; Richman, MB; Leslie, LM; Lamb, PJ
1-Jan-2014Attribution and prediction of maximum temperature extremes in SE AustraliaRichman, MB; Leslie, LM
1-Jan-2013Classification of changes in extreme heat over Southeastern AustraliaRichman, MB; Leslie, LM
1-Aug-2012An assessment of areal coverage of severe weather parameters for severe weather outbreak diagnosisShafer, CM; Mercer, AE; Richman, MB; Leslie, LM; Doswell, CA
1-Aug-2012Synoptic composites of tornadic and nontornadic outbreaksMercer, AE; Shafer, CM; Doswell, CA; Leslie, LM; Richman, MB
1-Jan-2012Adaptive machine learning approaches to seasonal prediction of tropical cyclonesRichman, MB; Leslie, LM
1-Jan-2011Identification of severe weather outbreaks using kernel principal component analysisMercer, AE; Richman, MB; Leslie, LM