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1-Feb-2016Residuated variants of Sugeno integrals: Towards new weighting schemes for qualitative aggregation methodsDubois, D; Prade, H; Rico, A
1-Jan-2016Generalized Sugeno integralsDubois, D; Prade, H; Rico, A; Teheux, B
1-Jan-2015The cube of opposition and the complete appraisal of situations by means of sugeno integralsDubois, D; Prade, H; Rico, A
1-Jan-2015Characterizing variants of qualitative Sugeno integrals in a totally ordered Heyting algebraDubois, D; Rico, A; Teheux, B; Prade, H; Alonso, JM; Bustince, H; Reformat, M
1-Jan-2015Extracting decision rules from qualitative data using sugeno integral: A case-studyDubois, D; Durrieu, C; Prade, H; Rico, A; Ferro, Y
16-Apr-2014The logical encoding of Sugeno integralsDubois, D; Prade, H; Rico, A
1-Dec-2013Qualitative integrals and desintegrals as lower and upper possibilistic expectationsDubois, D; Prade, H; Rico, A
1-Aug-2013Qualitative capacities as imprecise possibilitiesDubois, D; Prade, H; Rico, A
26-Nov-2012Qualitative integrals and desintegrals - Towards a logical viewDubois, D; Prade, H; Rico, A
5-Nov-2012General interpolation by polynomial functions of distributive latticesCouceiro, M; Dubois, D; Prade, H; Rico, A; Waldhauser, T
5-Nov-2012Qualitative integrals and desintegrals: How to handle positive and negative scales in evaluationDubois, D; Prade, H; Rico, A
22-Nov-2011A possibilistic logic view of Sugeno integralsDubois, D; Prade, H; Rico, A
22-Nov-2011Decomposition of possibilistic belief functions into simple support functionsChemin, M; Rico, A; Prade, H
14-Jul-2011Possibilistic evidencePrade, H; Rico, A
1-Dec-2010Describing acceptable objects by means of Sugeno integralsPrade, H; Rico, A
16-Oct-2009Elicitation of sugeno integrals: A version space learning perspectivePrade, H; Rico, A; Serrurier, M
27-Aug-2009Elicitating sugeno integrals: Methodology and a case studyPrade, H; Rico, A; Serrurier, M; Raufaste, E