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2022-12A qualitative interview study of Australian physicians on defensive practice and low value care: “it’s easier to talk about our fear of lawyers than to talk about our fear of looking bad in front of each other”Ries, NM; Johnston, B; Jansen, J
2021-02Physicians’ View and Experiences of Defensive Medicine: An International Review of Empirical ResearchRies, NM; Jansen, J
2020-01-01Ethical and legal aspects of research involving older people with cognitive impairment: A survey of dementia researchers in AustraliaRies, NM; Mansfield, E; Sanson-Fisher, R
2019-01-01Enduring Powers of Attorney and Financial Exploitation of Older People: A Conceptual Analysis and Strategies for PreventionRies, NM
2018-06-26Local to global: Incorporating overseas work and study in the law school curriculumRoss, NM; Ries, NM; Meredith, J; Campbell, S
2018-04Elder abuse: The role of general practitioners in community-based screening and multidisciplinary actionRies, NM; Mansfield, E
2018-01-02Elder abuse and lawyers’ ethical responsibilities: Incorporating screening into practiceRies, NM
2017-09-01Including People with Dementia in Research: An Analysis of Australian Ethical and Legal Rules and Recommendations for ReformRies, NM; Thompson, KA; Lowe, M
2017-07-04Law matters: How the legal context in Canada influences interprofessional collaborationRies, NM
2016-01-01Doctors, Lawyers and advance care planning: Time for innovation to work together to meet client needsRies, NM; Douglas, M; Simon, J; Fassbender, K
2012-02-01Financial incentives for weight loss and healthy behavioursRies, NM
2011-05-01Exposure assessment in cohort studies of childhood asthmaArrandale, VH; Brauer, M; Brook, JR; Brunekreef, B; Gold, DR; London, SJ; Miller, JD; Özkaynak, H; Ries, NM; Sears, MR; Silverman, FS; Takaro, TK
2010-05-03Handling ethical, legal and social issues in birth cohort studies involving genetic research: Responses from studies in six countriesRies, NM; Legrandeur, J; Caulfield, T