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2020-11-30Identity in applied repatriation research and practiceFforde, C; McKeown, T; Keeler, H; Ormond-Parker, L; Tapsell, P; Turnbull, P; Hemming, S; Rigney, D; Pickering, M; Aranui, A; Morris, W; Knapman, G; Melochre, CH; Spake, L; Nichols, KL
2020-03-30Ngarrindjeri Repatriation: Kungun Ngarrindjeri Yunnan (Listening to Ngarrindjeri Speaking)Hemming, S; Rigney, D; Sumner, M; Trevorrow, L; Rankine, LJ; Wilson, C; Fforde, C; Keeler, H; McKeown, T
2020Returning to Yarluwar-Ruwe: Repatriation as a Sovereign Act of HealingHemming, S; Rigney, D; Sumner, M; Trevorrow, L; Rankine Jnr, L; Wilson, C; Fforde, C; Keeler, H; McKeown, T
2019-12-01Pursuing Social Justice Through Collaborative Archaeologies in Aboriginal AustraliaSmith, C; Burke, H; Ralph, J; Pollard, K; Gorman, A; Wilson, C; Hemming, S; Rigney, D; Wesley, D; Morrison, M; McNaughton, D; Domingo, I; Moffat, I; Roberts, A; Koolmatrie, J; Willika, J; Pamkal, B; Jackson, G
2019-07-03Indigenous nation building for environmental futures: Murrundi flows through Ngarrindjeri countryHemming, S; Rigney, D; Bignall, S; Berg, S; Rigney, G
2019-01‘Indigeneity, posthumanism and nomad thought: transforming colonial ecologies’Bignall, S; Rigney, D; Braidotti, R; Bignall, S
2018Ngarrindjeri Vision for the Ecological Character of the Coorong and Lower LakesHemming, S; Rigney, D; Rigney, G; Trevorrow, L; Muller, SL; Della-Sale, A; Mosley, L; Ye, Q; Shepherd, S; Hemming, S; Fitzpatrick, R
2018Indigenous Self-Government in the Australian FederationVivian, A; Jorgensen, M; Rigney, D; Bell, D
2017-06-01A new direction for water management? Indigenous nation building as a strategy for river healthHemming, S; Rigney, D; Muller, SL; Rigney, G; Campbell, I
2003Training Teachers for Reconciliation: A Work in ProgressRigney, D; Tur, S; Rigney, L